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Warm Gun "Blues Virus"

The Beatles will tell you that "Happiness (is a warm gun)" and it is just as true then as it is now especially when it concerns an Italian Blues group called, believe it or not, Warm Gun.

Warm Gun hail out of Caserta which is just north of Naples. The band consists of just 2 members, "Freddy Ghidelli (Guitar) and Max Pieri (Howler, Stomp Box, and Bass). Max's use of a Stomp Box instead of Drums, makes for a more raw and gritty blues sound. Also adding to that mix is their integration of little sparks of jazz and punk, making for a great and unique sounding band that is more than appearant on their debut album, "Blues Virus".

"Blues Virus" consists of 10 Tracks, 7 of which are Originals and 3 diverse and interesting Covers, which include "Nobody's Fault But Mine" (Traditional), "Goin' Down Slow" (James B. Oden), and a song called "Summertime" which is a George Gershwin composition. "Blues Virus" clocks in at a rather healthy 37+ minutes.

"Blues Virus" offers us a superb mix of not only straight up Blues but also some fine jazzier tunes thrown in as well, such as the George Gershwin cover "Summertime", which is done as a instrumental on this album. Another interesting note is the slight Italian accent that you hear on the vocals which is in itself, kind of interesting and really compliment not only the Covers, but also the very well written Originals.

What impressed me most about ""Blues Virus" was how the band Warm Gun was able to authentically interpret not only the older style of Blues, but also how well they were able to interpreter the jazzier tunes as well. An excellent example of Blues Interpretation can be heard on the Cover of "Nobody's Fault But Mine".

I can best describe Warm Gun as a unique band with a unique Raw Sound, which they happily to cook to perfection. They have a superb grasp of the music they play and offer it to us in a superb fashion, which is straight up and simple, nothing fancy, just fun.

Warm Gun is the second Italian group I have had the pleasure of receiving music from, and as with the first group I also have no problem recommending "Blues Virus". A very fine debut release which left me anticipating more from this fine group.

Review By John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

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1. Body Hole (4:53)
2. Blues Virus (4:13)
3. Climbing (3:42)
4. Infected (4:23)
5. Summertime (3:06)
6. One Hundred Bullets (4:08)
7. Goin' Down Slow (4:05)
8. Boogie On Fire (3:20)
9. Nobody's Fault But Mine (4:22)
10. Red Bubble Blues (2:59)

Review By Salvatore Esposito (Translated From Italian Using Google Translate)

The duo Warm Gun, founded in 2005 when two musicians from Caserta, that is, the guitarist and bassist Max Ferdinand Ghidelli Pieri, that although from different educational paths are common passion for the blues in their meeting point. To crystallize this adventure comes in the same year Invisible Man, not a real disk, but rather an intriguing work in progress, that revealed all the artistic potential of this duo.

Over the last five years have had the opportunity to cement their artistic collaboration, performing live in numerous music festivals and this enabled him to lay the groundwork for their first album, Blues Virus. Recorded in the studios Po.Mi. Caserta, Warm Gun's new album, contains ten tracks including seven originals and three covers, with the participation of some special guests such as Mario Teaches Blues Stuff on percussion of the Neapolitans, Lino Muoio the mandolin and the violin Edo Notarloberti. Dominating the scene of course they are the Warm Gun with Ghidelli who juggles between class with electric guitar, acoustic and pedal steel, driven by the low groove and the stomp box Max Pieri, who sings with a good look plus various tracks. The play reveals a thin sound but at the same time very upbeat at times to remember the jug band twenty years older. The vision of the blues Warm Gun, is therefore, the recovery of the roots but at the same time everything is filtered through the sensibility and originality of the guitar Ghidelli, who enjoys nell'ammiccare hours to hours to swing jazz.

To open the disc is "Body Hole", a song from the southern flavor shines where the excellent slide that leads straight to the sounds of swamp JJ Cale, then goes into salsa jazz instrumental improvisation of the title track that serves as the perfect appetizer for "Infected," a blues ballad of excellent workmanship shines where the pedal steel of Ghidelli. Of good workmanship, are also the cover or "Summertime" by Gershwin, "Goin 'Down Slow" by James Odeon, and the traditional "Nobody's Fault But Mine," from the repertoire of Blind Willie Johnson. Among the best tracks of the disc is worth mentioning certainly the final "Red Bubble Blues," an acoustic track of fine workmanship. Pieri and Ghidelli have created a musical proposal interesting and worthy of attention, having been able to combine a good songwriter with a blues original vision and never predictable.

Review By Gianandrea Pasquinelli (Translated From Italian Using Yahoo Babel Fish)

From the swamps to north of Naples it takes to form the plan Warm Gun singular incarnation and vorace of the format blues-pair electrical worker; Freddy Ghidelli (guitar and voice) and Max Pieri (low and stomp-box) in spite of every expectation forge a sound only, and often atypical in which the groove dictated from the inspiration of the moment it becomes excuse for the development of the structure song; 10 centellinate and spalmate history from references to the language turn them, recalled in the three cellular dimensions in the scanning of before cover; the spirit of the disc is frankly blues with atmospheres taken to loan from a sure Californian psichedelica years 70 or from the recent scene punk pià ¹; in the folds of the plan the pair offers also specifies callbacks to the songbook jazz: intentionally stralunata Summertime and the Blue Monk masked in Goin Down Slow; Blues Virus is not the umpteenth reproposition of cliche' stilistico but an independent disc, pregevole and originates them that it designs to new scenes with authority and absolute conviction.


“…an album of roots blues good indeed. Original music, played by two talented musicians, terribly effective and with very good ideas: this is not so discounted in these times. At last the employment of no common instruments in the blues like pedal steel, violin and mandolin, it confers new colors to our preferred music.”

Philippe Le Guennec BLUES & CO (F), April 2010

“…singular and real incarnation of the electrical blues-duo format… in spite of every expectation they forge a unique, dense and atypical sound in which the groove, guided from the inspiration of the moment, becomes the excuse to develop the song structure… Blues Virus is not the umpteenth reproposition of a stylistic cliché but an independent album, original and valuable that breeds new scenes with authority and absolute conviction.”

Gianandrea Pasquinelli, BLUESTIME.IT (I), Aprile 2010

“…some of the most amazingly esoteric music you are ever likely to hear; a raw, rough hewn, low down dirty sound… Their earthy, primal style forces you to wonder if they have been dragged-up from the bowels of some long forgotten pit…”

Brian Harman, BLUES ART STUDIO JOURNAL (A), March 2010

"…a spirit that reminds the jug bands of the ‘20 of last century... The Blues is here redefined in its natural dynamics, restored by the so many cinders that have overlapped during several decades because of the progressive "adjustments" to make it pleasant to less sensitive palates."

Michele Lotta, KBLF BLUES WEB MAGAZINE (I), March 2010

“…audacious mixture of neo-swing music with underground rock/blues… that investigates on rock and blues underground sounds but always with the touch of both musicians own personality and the aim of getting a special sound, which makes them different from other bands…”

Vicente P. Zùmel, LA HORA DEL BLUES (E), September 2005

“It’s a pleasure to discover that sometimes some invisible men can materialize themself under the bare of good blues interpreters... the Invisibile Man CD... it’s a curious and interesting job with extremely essential stylistic conception, contract licks of guitar, very spontaneous and without tonal embellishments sung. It was a pleasure to listen to you Warm Gun."

Silvano Brambilla, IL BLUES (I), September 2005 

 About Warm Gun

WARM GUN comes out of the Caserta swamps (north of Naples, Italy). A Poisonous tree with well sunk roots in the delta waters and only 2 branches: Freddy GHIDELLI, legendary and versatile guitarist of the local musical scene; Max PIERI, howler, rootless stomper and bassist. The expressive orientations, with also jazzy and punky smells, let's the band play with the impact comparable to larger combos. The replacement of the drums with a resounding footboard (stomp-box) makes the sound rough and bony!