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Trevor Horsfall
"Feel The Heat"

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I do not know really anything about Trevor Horsfall other then that he was kind enough to send me his latest CD and I am thankful he did because it is really a pretty good effort on his part. Trevor Horsfall's "Feel The Heat", is an interesting mixture of tunes, and I do mean mixture. His style is hard to pin down and the CD will remind you about a lot of artists, some blues, some rock, some pop, and a bit of country rock. I particularly thought it was unique that he added a few sound effects into his songs, something I have not heard before from previously submitted CD's.

Trevor Horsfall's "Feel The Heat" is certainly an album that will start to get people talking about this fine and creative artist. 

"Feel The Heat" is a well put together effort that is guaranteed to please all whom have the opportunity and good fortune to listen to it, especially those that like their music guitar driven.

John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)


By Ton Kok - Posted on October 24th, 2008 Bobtje's Blues Pages

The Internet normally is an almost inexhaustible source of information, but in case of Trevor Horsfall I was looking in vain. Just two, both Canadian, websites, including the site of his record company, mentioned his name. There was no information about the artist, so I don’t have any personal information, know nothing about his musical background, I don’t even know if he’s American or Canadian. The little information I have comes from Canada, but his lyrics are about New Orleans, Texas, Highway 95, ‘across the USA’ etc., so it could just as easy be an American. What I do know is that with ‘Feel The Heat’ he delivered a very nice CD. Ten songs, all written by singer/guitarist Trevor Horsfall and drummer Tom Eakin. The other band members are Matt Horner on keyboards and Bob Tunnoch on bass. The lyrics don’t have too much depth and are about subjects like trains, cars, bikes and broken relationships. De producer tends to add fitting sound bites to the songs, in ‘Lone Star Train’ we hear a train and gunshots, in ‘My 57 Chevy’ the engine of a car, in ‘Ride That Dream’ (about bikes) a bike-engine. And so we can find a couple more. We have a diverse selection of song, which are pleasant to listen to, like ‘Back To New Orleans’, a Lonnie Brooks-style blues/rocker, ‘One More Second Change, which could have been a Bryan Adams song, ‘Feel The Heat’, the title track, is a real fine bluesy tune, and the closing song ‘Not Forgotten’, has good Jimi Hendrix-like guitar playing, while you also hear country and boogie influences on this album. A really pleasant CD to listen to and when Horsfall finds a way to visit Europe to play live, I’m sure he will positively surprise quite a few people.

Record labels: TomatoM Productions
Website: Trevor Horsfall
Website: TomatoM Productions
Country: Canada