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Blues Underground Network's Top 10 Albums 2012

This years Top 10 Albums Lists were chosen from over 200 Submitted Albums. For the complete list of all the Albums submitted, click here... Also view my Blues Underground Network's Year End Review 2012, for those picked for individual categories here...

Blues Underground Network's Top 10 Canadian Blues Albums 2012

1.Paul Reddick "Wishbone"
2.Steve Strongman "A Natural Fact"

3.The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer "Checkered Past"

4.Ben Racine Band "One Of A Kind"
5.Hillbilly Burlesque "Crazy Life"
6.Michael Jerome Brown "The Road Is Dark"
7.Steve Kozak "Lookin' At Lucky"
8.Danny Marks "A Friend In The Blues"
9.James "Buddy" Rogers "My Guitar's My Only Friend"

10.Ross Neilsen "The Shack Up Sessions"

Blues Underground Network's Top 10 USA Blues Albums 2012

1.Heritage Blues Orchestra "And Still I Rise"
2.Brad Hatfield "Uphill From Anywhere"
3.The Mannish Boys "Double Dynamite"
4.Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King "Close To The Bone" Unplugged 
5.Darren Jay & The Delta Souls "Drink My Wine"
6.Mud Morganfield "Son Of The Seventh Son"
7.Eddie C. Campbell "Spider Eating Preacher" 
8.Tail Dragger & Bob Corritore "Longtime Friends In The Blues"
9.Hans Theessink & Terry Evans "Delta Time"
10.Franc Robert & the Boxcar Tourists "Mulligan Stew"

Blues Underground Network's Top 10 Canada/USA Blues Rock Albums 2012

1.Anthony Gomes "Up 2 Zero" (Canada)

2.Bobby Messano "That's Why I Don't Sing The Blues" (USA)
3.Interstate Buffalo "One Step Away" (USA)
4.Studebaker John "Old School Rockin" (USA) 

5.Buddy Whittington "Six String Svengali" (USA)

6.Some X 6 "The Hoodoo Shake" (Canada) 
7.Jack de Keyzer "Electric Love"(Canada)

8.Corey Lueck And The Smoke Wagon Blues Band "It Ain't Easy" (Canada)

9.Joel DaSilva & The Midnight Howl (Self Titled) (USA)

10.Paul Black "Blue Words" (Canada)

Blues Underground Network's Top 10 UK/European Blues/Blues Rock Albums 2012

1.The Mustangs "Shaman & The Monkey" (UK)

2.L.R. Phoenix "Live At Blues Rules" (Finland)
3.Bare Bones Boogie Band "BBBBCD2" (UK)
4.Ian Siegal "Candy Store Kid" (UK)
5.Julian Sas "Bound To Roll" (Netherlands)
6.Mick Clarke "The Rambunctious Blues Experiment" (UK)
7.The Russ Tippins Electric Band "Electrickery"(UK)
8.Smiling Jack Smith & David Gwynn "Now That Truth Was Gone" (Spain)
9.Dick Farrelly & Mat Walklate "Keep It Clean" (UK)

10.Blue Touch "IV" (UK)

Blues Underground Network's Top 10 Not Necessarily The Blues Albums (Worldwide) 2012  

The category of NNTB (Not Necessarily The Blues), is designated to Albums which are an assortment of other genres, which may or may not include the Blues.

1.Nathan James & The Rhythm Scratchers "What You Make of It" (USA)

2.Soulstack "Big Red" (Canada)
3.Stormcellar "Hired Guns & Borrowed Glory" (Australia)
4.Simon Campbell "Thirty Six" (UK)
5.The Sumner Brothers "I'll Be There Tomorrow" (Canada)
6.Dan Livingstone And The Griffintown Jug Addicts "Self Titled" (Canada)
7.The No Refund Band "Self Titled" (USA)
8.The Blasters "Fun On Saturday Night" (USA)
9.Sean Poluk "Never" (Canada)

10.Tippy Agogo and Bill Bourne "Amoeba Collective" (Canada)

Honorable Mentions

With over 200 Albums submitted to the BUN for 2012, unfortunately there are some really worthy Albums that don't make it onto my Top 10 Lists. Below are 12 of my favorites that although they did not make it onto any of my Lists, were never the less exceptional Albums, more than worthy of your attention, covering a range of styles, from the deepest Blues to those that uniquely and creatively danced along it's edges.

Carolyn Fe Blues Collective "Original Sin" (Canada)

Jeff Menteer "The Nature Of My Dreams" (USA)

The 44's "Americana" (USA)

Bert Deivert "Kid Man Blues" (Sweden)

Mama Groove "How Mama Got Her Groove Back" (Canada)

Sterling Koch "Slide Ruler" (USA)

Meyer Rossabi "Blues Is The Color" (USA)

RJ Knapp & Honey Robin "Don't Blame The Dynamite...If You Can't Light The Fuse!" (USA)

RJ Mischo "Make It Good" (USA)

Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys "Luke's Dream" (USA)

The Nighthawks "Damn Good Time" (USA)

Chris Yakopcic "Done Found My Freedom 'fore My Technique" (USA)