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Tom Schafer "Cradle"

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Spent many hours over the years, learning, practicing, and dreaming about music. Played in garage bands and top forty bands but, realize this was not enough. Sold the electric guitar, amps, P.A. system and bought an acoustic guitar and just wrote and wrote for seven years. That’s all I did write music.

I wrote about things that are dear to me, my daughter, my son and my wife, faith and more faith. Faith in the truth and faith in what comes from the next day. The recurring theme of this C.D. would be life and death, which is as extreme as you can get in this life. In between this north and south poles there is the task of walking through this world with good and bad and trying to stay sane in the process.

CRADLE is the boat that carries these thoughts and feelings to arrive at some sort of balance. I kept it simple with guitar and vocals to drive the lyrics with different mood swings in and out tempos and rhythms. Playing all the songs with only myself gave me more control to better bring these songs to life. I relied on influences ranging from the lyrical imagery of Dylan and Springsteen, to the instrumentals of Santana and the shuffles and rhythms of SRV. There are so many others that have been part of my musical roots so many. I broke down a little description of each tune, all I can say is give a listen, and I hope you like it. It took seven years to write this labor of love, love every minute of it. 

Explanation of each Song from the CD CRADLE 

The title track CRADLE was last the last song I wrote and it explores the lines of doing yourself in or not. I guess a constant struggle that many if not all of us go through in some shape or form. 

SWEET LULLABYE is a love song that cannot give into love totally. The singer so badly wants to give to the one he or she loves but knows there are thorns but also sweet rewards “ to lay in your bed for eternity”. 

KROSS BY THE ROAD is about the loss of a child, and how one deals with it. I got this idea to write this tune because everyday I would see more and more crosses and dedications by the road, so I wondered how do you get through the minutes, hours, days knowing that child is not around. I only hope I did this particularly subject with justice. 

BLOOD TO BLOOD is a letter to my son Matthew to tell him that things are good but hard. That nobody is better or worse and we are all in the same boat. The same journey we all share the same laughs and tears. His blood is mine, my blood is his, and if will always flow through your veins, always. 

SWEET DREAMS FOR BRIGITTE is written for my daughter Brigitte. I like to think that this song is one long dream that my daughter is having. There are different parts of this dream, the slow melodic part, which is a deep sleep part, is filled with tension and them release. Them the following section slowly starts to pick up to give rise to a rhythmic dance. Finally the end arrives with a slow sweet melody. 

AIN’T THAT A SHAME is faith in one’s self, that gut feeling that there’s no denying that it exist, something strong and no matter what has been written or not written you cannot deny. Faith is a spirit within. Life and death are not yours but in between this points and belongs to you. 

SWEET LADY. I wrote this for my wife because I realize I love her more than I let on, and I wanted her to know that before anything happens, good or bad. 

TREAT ME SO BAD was the first tune I recorded. This tune I was letting go of lots of years of emotions that had to be cleaned, flushed it out. 

ASHES FALL FROM THE SKY was written for 9/11. For the living and the dead. To remember to forget, to look forward, but now always check over your shoulder. I guess to never forgot. 

KNIFE HANGS ON THE FENCE sometimes we all have a hand in creating the goods on this earth, but we all have a hand in building monsters that we forget about. We become blind to the truth, the real truth. Something we can’t face. 

THIS LITTLE PRAY FOR GIGI is written for a lady, my mother to let her know I know what she went through. To give her this little pray every time I play this song. 

Thanks again for your time. 

Tom Schafer


1.Cradle 4:09
2.Sweet Lullabyes 7:08
3.Kross By The Road 8:12
4.Blood To Blood 5:12
5.Sweet Dreams For Brigitte 7:52
6.Ain't That A Shame 6:26
7.Sweet Lady 2:24
8.Treat Me So Bad 4:05
9.Ashes Fall From The Sky 5:39
10.Knife Hangs On The Fence 3:14
11.This Little Prayer For Gigi 4:24

Listen To Samples Here 



I was born in Manhattan, New York, June 16, 1964. I was named Thomas Schafer after my father. Moved to Miami, FL with my parents when I was 4 years old and later had a brother and sister. I lived in Miami Beach most of my years and went to Miami Beach Senior High School and Miami Dade Community College. That was then…

Now… I am a father of two, have a son and a daughter, and married to a Brazilian rose. I do the best to raise a family and make the most honest heartfelt music I can create. In my younger years, while doing cover music, on the back of my mind I have always wanted to write music indirectly, but I didn’t know it how, I guess too much distractions. I believe that those distractions were “Things” that one must go through, to finally mature and start to create. Those creations are nothing more than projections of my own soul. I guess music was and it is that vehicle.

So after deciding between getting down to business of forget about it all, I crafted my first CD, which is named “CRADLE”.

CRADLE is my “getting down to business”. There is a lot of truth, faith, beautiful moments, and dedicated songs for my daughter, my son, my wife and mom. There r anger, depression, love and relief, The CRADLE is pure joy of making theses songs come to life.

Recording and difficulties 

Recording took a long time because the songwriting took a long time. I write and rewrite until I finally fell good about an idea. Them I take that idea, image and go with it till that felling of the song is right.

Once I am in the studio, I try to get to the first takes and as a result there are flaws in my playing, but this is how I like it, that certain mood for each song instead of perfection.

The sound of the CD was supposed to make the guitar and voice bigger than their really are and with Julio Lopes (Recording Engineer) help, we came damn close. I have always wanted it to sound like I was playing in a big hall! I feel very proud of this CD. Hopefully the folks out there will give a listen.


Springsteen, SRV, Santana, Stax Sound, Allman Brothers, All the Blues Artists, Mr. John Coltrane, Marvin Gaye, Rockabilly Cats from the 50’s. Dylan and the list goes on and on, really so many more.


My style is mostly rooted in Blues, Folk and Rock. Anything that is heartfelt!