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Tim Bastmeyer "Tim Bastmeyer" (Canada) 

 Fans of Tim Bastmeyer got yet another treat last fall with the release of the follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2010 album "Graveyard", with a new self-titled release. Of "Graveyard", I wrote, "Lyrically and Instrumentally refreshing is perhaps the best way I can describe Tim Bastmeyer's new release, "Graveyard"". Had his new self-titled release been my first introduction to Tim Bastmeyer, I probably would have said the same about it, as certainly felt that way.
Tim Bastmeyer is yet another one of those great Canadian musical treasures, who has been plying his trade for many years. Tim is a magnificently accomplished guitarist, as well as, a Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Engineer, Mixer, of which all of those talents were again used on this album, and if that was not enough, he is also a Music Teacher. His new self-titled album is his 3rd to date, but he has also produced many others projects for fellow musicians, both in Music and Film.
When it comes to "Acoustic Blues Guitar technique, nothing less than pure authenticity will do for Bastmeyer' as he brings various styles of Blues to the forefront with unique use of finger picking, flat picking, and multiple tunings."
Tim's new album consists of 11 Tracks, 10 originals and 1 cover of Don Nix's "I'm Going Down". "Don Nix was instrumental in the creation of the trademark "Memphis soul" and Stax Records." In addition to Tim Bastmeyer, he is accompanied by James Thomson (Bass) and Corey Richardson (Drums), both of which played with Tim to form the trio on "Graveyard". Bringing yet an extra dynamic to his self-titled release, we also have the addition of Juno award winning Blues artist Julian Fauth, playing Piano. 
When it comes to Tim Bastmeyer's music and the delivery there of, it comes across in a no nonsense clean and simple style, reminding me a little of the style of Leonard Cohen. It is just pure natural music and lyrics; clear, concise, and to the point, with no fancy hot dogging involved. His lyrics tell us a story, and we don't have to strain, or interpret what he is saying, the message is clear.
Tim Bastmeyer presents himself in a more toned down version from "Graveyard", but in doing so was no less enjoyable to listen to. Having the extra added treat of Julian Faith, also gave the album a whole new dynamic, which cut across the blues just a little, exposing a hint of Jazz, something that usually happens when you bring a great Pianist into the equation.
I found the music on this album to cover a lot of territory, but it was territory that we were all familiar with and could easily draw a connection with. Songs like the opening Track "Window Shopping", which deals with ones love of a good woman and all the things he going to buy her, like a diamond ring and a big house. Additional Tracks we can all relate to were the ones with Blues in their titles, namely, Cancer Blues, Flu Blues, and Traffic Blues. Having Danced with the Devil myself 8 years ago, and having lost some dear friends since, Cancer Blues really hit home. Traffic Blues was one of my favorites of the Blues trio with fantastic guitar picking and absolutely great drum work with the use of the brush. 
Track 7 "Get Up" was the only instrumental on this album and was a great Track for showing off the talent of all the performers, especially Julian Fauth's Piano styling, which he also creatively showed us on Track 5, the cover of "Going Down". On that Track Julian tickles the ivories for the first 3rd of the song and reminded me a bit of the kind of music you may of listened to at a silent movie when something started to get suspenseful. After that the rest of the band kicks into gear and the song takes off.
With this album and his previous one "Graveyard", Tim Bastmeyer has truly caught my ear and my attention. His style is truly his own, in all regards, making his music compellingly hypnotic in nature, and because of that, I have i n addition to Bill Johnson and Suzie Vinnick, added Tim Bastmeyer to my list of great Canadian Singers, Songwriters, & Musicians.
A unique and intriguing Album, one that I have no problem recommending.
Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)
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