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The Old Gits Blues Band "Brand New Day"
The Old Gits Blues Band is a band that hails out of the UK. They describe themselves on their rather lean website in the following way, "OGBB are six guys from various musical backgrounds; Folk, Rock, Pop and even 60's psychedelia.  By looking to the roots of their musical influences, the Blues, they found that playing together created their own unique voice. Putting their own interpretation on Blues Classics as well as being able to express their own fears and frustrations through their unique tracks has made OGBB a Blues Band for the 21st Century." That is really about all the info I could find on this band, as far as their website was concerned. That being said, I search the inner cover of their new Album, "Brand New Day", for a few more answers.
"Brand New Day" consists of 10 Tracks of which 3 are Originals written by the bands vocalists Mickey Vickerstaff, (Brand New Day, Gambling Man and Piss Head Blues). Rounding out this Album is a very fine collection of Covers consisting of Help Me, Born Under A Bad Sign, Killin' Floor, Smokestack Lightnin', Shakin' All Over, Work Together, and I'd Rather Go Blind.
In addition to Mickey Vickerstaff, the rest of the members performing on this Album are Matthew Murtagh (Guitar), Paul Gray (Guitar), Roger Severn (Bass), and Mike Wood (Drums). Appearing as Special Guest on "Brand New Day", is Paul Atherton on Harmonica. Now I now what your thinking, the above info says "OGBB are six guys from various musical backgrounds", but there are only 5 members listed on their Album and a picture of only 5 of them are their facebook and website pages. Whom is that elusive 6th member???.
When I first started to listen to "Brand New Day", I immediately got that same feeling I used to get when I was a teenager listening to my friends band situated in a old shed in one of their backyards. It was the feeling of listening to something raw and special, courtesy of acoustics that were certainly anything put optimal, but that did not matter, because what mattered was how the music made you feel. The sound from "Brand New Day" has that little bit of hollowness to it. It is more of a real live feel where all the instruments seem crisp and alive, rather than the sterile over dubbed sound that you get on a lot of music out there today. I am not sure where this album was recorded, but I have a feeling it was not a big studio, which I am glad for. It made me feel like I was right there in the room with them as they played.
As for the music on "Brand New Day", I really liked it, in fact I loved it. The Old Gits Blues Band really came across as a very well seasoned band, with great vocals courtesy of Mickey Vickerstaff and great musical performances via the rest of the group. Their choice of Covers was great and their Originals really show that Mickey's got a good grasp on writing songs, something I hope he does even more on their next release.
All in all, "Brand New Day" is a pretty good start for The Old Gits Blues Band. With a little tightening up on the Production end and a little more work on their websites, to help their fans know a little more about them, I feel that they are more than ready for the mainstream blues scene, especially with their style of playing which is unique enough to really stand out and be a hit.
I have no problem recommending "Brand New Day", and yes it is a little rawer then most Albums, but that only makes it a little more real as well.
Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)
Additional Info
1.Brand New Day 4:36
2.Gambling Man 3:50
3.Help Me 4:00
4.Piss Head Blues 4:10
5.I'd Rather Go Blind 4:25
6.Killin' Floor 1:59
7.Born Under A Bad Sign 3:10
8.Work Together 4:23
9.Smokestack Lightnin' 4:14
10.Shakin' All Over 2:46

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