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The CSL Jr. Band
"Voice Of The Heart"

Reviews and Info

This mid Missouri band is rooted deep in the blues with a Rock-n-Roll twist. A taste of traditional with a little attitude. Just enough soul to keep it honest. Started by Chuck Lancaster (Guitar-songwriter) for sure self satisfaction in writing what he loves and feels. Surrounded by great musicians The Voice of The Heart album should come across strong to anyone who has emotion and feeling in their heart. This music is real!! That's the bottom line........ Enjoy


1. Big As TX 2:40
2. Don't Give Up On Me 5:01 
3. All In 3:49 
4. Bluzin It 3:13 
5. Hangman Blues 3:51 
6. Lonley 3:28 
7. Coupe DeVille 4:09 
8. I Wonder 5:18 
9. New Loving Blues 4:28 
10. Mason 4:49 

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About The CSL Jr. Band

The CSL Jr Band is based in Sedalia Missouri. Formed by Guitar player/Songwriter Chuck Lancaster the bands lineup rounds out as such. Jamey Shepherd (Guitar), Les Gifford (Bass), Carl Michael (Drums), Greg LefHolz (Vocals).

The debut album Voice of the Heart was a product of some personal advise given to Chuck from the local record shop owner- thanks Mark! It was noted that there was to much of an attempt to satisfy the people around him and not enough focus put towards reaching inside and pulling out what was there. Being in Central Missouri there is not a huge Blues Scene so the passion for that brand of music had always been put asides. Basically if you wanted any revenue or remote success you needed to play country and or classic rock. Nothing wrong with either but it wasn't where the true love of music lied. When this was proposed It was almost an epiphany, needless to say the light went on. The new concept became what the hell, what do you have to lose? Give yourself a try. The next step was finding the same kind of players who could relate to the same ideas and had a feel for blues and rock music. 

The road started with Kentucky native Jamey Shepherd. 37 years of age Jamey was clearly cut from the Hendrix cloth. Strongly rooted with deep love for Jimi's style and tones set him on a clear path for the love of all blues music. Currently residing in Sedalia Missouri Jamey is a father and husband first. His interest in perfect tone (damn gear head) and computer savvy was a dead ringer, a perfect match for bouncing ideas and complimenting Chuck in an amazing array of attack and tone. The guitars were set.

Carl Michael was next. 27 years old born and raised in Sedalia Missouri. Carl is diversely talented, well rounded in guitar, bass, keys, songwriting. Carl can play damn near anything. He was picked up in this project for his mesmerizing tempo and metronomic control behind the kit. Love for Skynyrd, the Allmans and really all flavors of music was an absolute given that the anchor of the bands sound was in tact. 

Les Gifford was contacted after Jamey, Carl, and Chuck had spent a little time writing and arranging some of the material that is now on the album. Les owns Prairie Grove Recording in La Monte Missouri and was asked if he would be interested in recording the project. Les an over accomplished bass player soon found that we didn't have one and said that he would be more than interested in performing on the album as well as record it. Are you kidding me! This was a no brainier. Les at 57 brought instant credibility, experience and savvy to the project. Playing in countless bands, touring the country and being a career musician locked the rhythm section to the floor. Endless influences, Getty Lee, Dusty Hill just to name a couple. Carl and Less provide flawless foundation. A full bread Missourian in his own right Les set out to "show us" the path we needed to be on. 

The final stretch of road traveled to complete the lineup was suggested by Les. A dear friend and fellow workman musician of over 10 years together, Greg LefHolz was clearly dropped from the heavens above to sing on this project. Les knew right away after hearing the first few pieces of music we brought to the studio that Greg was the guy! Born in K.C Missouri and growing up in the Grand Pass area Greg's likes range from the Grand Ole Opry to Delbert McClinton. Greg currently resides in Richmond Missouri and at 60 years of age every second of those 60 years is pass through his golden pipes with each fragrant note. The lineup was set and the rest is magic.

The mindset in the studio was to create a sound that was traditional yet different. To mix Blues with Soul, Emotion and a little attitude. There is plenty of rocking riffage with songs like All In and Coupe DeVille. The traditional side was captured with New Loving Blues and the Delta embrace of Hangman Blues. Texas respect is shown in homage of Texas attitude in Big As Texas. The emotional side bleeds out Soulful arrangements like Don't Give Up On Me, Lonely, and I Wonder. Musicianship is expressed in the fun little number called Bluzin It. The album finishes up with a very Warm number about the birth of a little boy named Mason.

All in all we believe there is many styles and sounds to appeal to all types of listeners. The CSL Jr Band would like to thank in advance all who support their local scene as well as those who help to push it further. We can only hope and pray that this album may touch you in some way listening to it that it has us two fold in making it! We are sincere and grateful! Its real life! Something we all can relate to....God Bless