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Sunday Wilde "He Digs Me" (Canada)

 2013 saw me pick Sunday Wilde's previous release "He Gave Me A Blue Nightgown", number two in my Top 10 Canadian Blues Albums 2013 List, but to be honest, it could of easily been a tie for the number one spot, as it was really that good. "He Gave Me A Blue Nightgown", was an acclaimed International release hitting #1 on the Roots Music Report, #1 on Sirius XM Radio, and #1 on Amazon's Best Seller List for Classic Female Blues, to name a few accolades as a result of that album. Now with her new release, "He Digs Me", her fifth overall, it once again seems like Sunday Wilde is about to embark on another journey of National and International Awards and Accolades.

Sunday Wilde, a Singer, self taught Pianist, and Vocalist, hailing out of the wilds of Northern Ontario, has absolutely no problem delivering her music with a Smoky Old Jazzy Blues Room feel, courtesy of Vocals that I described in my last review as "to die for", as she sinks her teeth into a variety of relationship related subjects, such as, Love, Anger, Loneliness, Depression, Blame and more. And she does it all in a way that truly has no problem striking a cord in all of us.

"He Digs Me" consists of 13 amazing Tracks that covers songs ranging from Jazzy Blues, Blues, Pop, Dirty Blues, Rockabilly, Country, Ballad, Gospel, and More. Ten of the Tracks are Sunday Wilde originals which are rounded out with three amazing Covers, Patsy Cline's "Fall To Pieces", Bessie Smith's "Black Mountain Blues", and Richard Hall's "Walk With Me Lord".

For musicians on "He Digs Me", Sunday Wilde chose a stellar mix of multi-genre talented artists from throughout North America, which included the core of Reno Jack (Bass), Little Bobby (Guitar), and Carol Dierking (Drums), with additional players adding their special magic to the mix throughout, which included, Dan Dahlin (Drums on Track 12), Bobby J Marks (Trumpet), and Jimmy Wallace (Saxophone). Together with Sunday Wilde, this group of artists offers up a smorg of great tunes, sure to please any musical palette.

One thing is an absolute certainty with Sunday Wilde's music and that is the feeling of true authenticity in all of her songs, regardless of the genre. She brings it all to the forefront with truly outstanding and unique Vocal and Lyrical delivery, and she doesn't let up for one second on any of the Tracks. With the great Vocal and Lyrical delivery also comes the amazing musical texture from all the other performers, topped off with seasoned work on Piano. A rare and thrilling combination, for sure.

With so much to choose from, picking three favorites was not all that easy, except for one, which I knew was a gimme as soon as I seen the title, and that was Track 7 the cover of Patsy Cline's "Fall To Pieces", for which I truly hoped was going to be sung as good as I knew Sunday Wilde could do, and believe me when I say that I was not disappointed in the least.

"Fall To Pieces", started off with the sound of an old radio being tuned into a station for which we then hear Patsy Cline singing two lines of her song, or at the very least, whom I thought was Patsy Cline singing.

I Fall to Pieces
Each Time I See You Again

Those two lines have as much feeling as one can could ever hope to pack into a song and it is the reason it is one of my favorite songs of all time.

After those two lines, the radio gets tuned in again and then it is the modern day Sunday Wilde's turn to take us away on her magical journey and interpretation of that song. What an absolute treat. Not many songs send shivers up my spine nowadays, but sunday Wilde singing this one, sure did.

My second Favorite was the next song after "Fall To Pieces", which was a super infectious treat of Rockabilly Heaven called "I Can't Believe". Sunday Wilde not only does a great job on Vocals, but also a really great job pounding it out on the old Piano.

For my third Favorite I chose the closer, "Walk With Me Lord", a Gospel song that was done a cappella, or acapella depending on which dictionary you prefer using. This is the one in which all bets are off and Sunday Wilde lays bare her Vocal prowess for all of us to witness, in all it's glory, showing us in no uncertain terms, that she is indeed a lot more than the real deal.

I have been receiving CD's and doing reviews for over ten years and have compiled a small list of Artists for whom I get super excited when I receive their newest Album in the mail, perhaps no more so than for Sunday Wilde whom has the true ability to impress me even more with each new Album, with "He Digs Me" once again leaving me with nothing less than a sense of awe for this amazing Canadian Musical Treasure.

5***** for "He Digs Me"... Thoroughly Enjoyed and Highly Recommended for those that like the Blues and other Genres sung and performed the way they should be.

Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

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