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Sunday Wilde "What Man!?? Oh THAT man!!"

There are a lot of great female vocalists that have and are gracing the Canadian Music Scene, but one of them is really starting to stand out amongst the crowd, and her name is Sunday Wilde.

Sunday Wilde hails from the Northern Ontario, and has honed her unique vocals singing anywhere from small mining towns to large festivals and everywhere in between. Beyond her powerful vocal delivery is her equally powerful lyrical delivery which shows us all that she understands the ups and downs one can go through and thoroughly knows how to deliver that message, via her music, and people seem to have started to take notice, having already won jazz and blues awards and being ranked as high as #6 on "the Roots Music Report for radio play across Canada".

"What Man!?? Oh THAT man!!" consists of 11 tracks, all Originals and all written by Sunday Wilde except for "Sorrowful Blues", which is a Bessie Smith/Irving Johns song. Guest musicians for "What Man!?? Oh THAT man!!" include a couple of renowned Artists namely, Ronnie Hayward of Rockabilly and Country Fame and Internationally Famous Guitarist David West of the Papa Duke Band.

"What Man!?? Oh THAT man!!" is described on her ReverbNation website as consisting of "10 original Blues....with a smidgen of jazz", and you will certainly get that and perhaps more than a smidgen, but you will also get a great smoky room blues feel mixed in with the odd nice feel of rockabilly, courtesy of the magnificent piano work via none other than Sunday Wilde herself. Every note and word on this Album comes across loud and clear and you really get a wonderful intimate feel as you are treated to the 3 artists melding together in perfect unison. One can easily see how she quickly gained popularity, especially playing small venues, which I am sure is where she must have absolutely mesmerized her audience.

Sunday's singing voice reminds me a little of Sue Foley and it certainly works perfectly for the style of music she plays, which she has honed to perfection via being influenced by the greats, such as, Ruth Brown, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Bessie Smith, Big Bill Broonzy, Tom Waits, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, to name a few of the more prominent ones. Her delivery of the styles of those greats is probably as good as most anyone else can do in these modern times and it is a delivery that perhaps isn't quite offered nearly enough in todays overly popped up music scene.

I am extremely happy that Sunday Wilde took the initiative to search me out and introduce me to "What Man!?? Oh THAT man!!", an Artist I was not aware of tell then and one for whom I surely should of been aware of. She has shown me that Canada still has a lot of little treasures being found out there in the area of Music.

For those whom like truly a great vocal delivery from a truly great vocalist in the Smoky Old Jazzy Blues Room Tradition, "What Man!?? Oh THAT man!!", is just what the doctor ordered. Thoroughly Enjoyed and highly Recommended...

Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

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1.That Man Drives Me Mad
2.Sunday's Midnight Blues
3.Show Me a Man
4.Manning Street Sweet Talker
5.My Baby's Dead
6.Rest My Weary Heart
7.Don't Bother Me
8.Sorrowful Blues
9.Our Deal is Done
10.I can't shake that guy
11.Time to say Goodbye

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Sunday is from the wilds of a northern Ontario small town, but she has been found singing everywhere from small logging and mining towns at coffee houses, funeral parlours, and blues joints and all the way to large festivals, house concerts and bars in bustling metropolises. She is a powerful and intense vocalist, a rare voice that speaks from the primal soul. Sunday is a songwriter who explores the subjects of grief, addiction, love and the torment of social and family dysfunction. Her lyrics and delivery make it abundantly clear that she speaks from experience and authority.

She has won jazz and blues awards for her original compositions on garageband, and has been ranked as high as number # 6 on the Roots Music Report for radio play across Canada. She has recently received an Ontario Arts Council award for an upcoming recording project, and in 2009 received a songwriting grant award from the Ontario Arts Council. Music from her latest release plays worldwide on many blues, roots and womens radio stations.

Her musical influences come from a array of sources such as the isolation wilderness, pain, death, joy, and of course Ruth Brown, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Bessie Smith, Big Bill Broonzy mixed in with Tom Waits, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. During a tour of the western plains, during promo tour with Reno jack (The Handsome Neds, Herald Nix, The Razorbacks) she had the opportunity to perform at the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival, Trout Forest Festival and the Blueberry Festival during the summer of 2007, while promoting her first CD recorded with Reno jack, titled Black Pearls of Wisdom. She continues to create, explore, interpret and innovate, melding divergent styles and influences, pushing the envelope of her craft further. All the while enthralling audiences with her live performances and singular style. Broken String of Pearls Available on CDBABY, ITUNES, Amazon and Napster NOW playing on blues and roots stations worldwide.