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"All About The Journey"

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SLOWBURN's new "All About The Journey" features 13 pieces of soulful blues, spanning the gamut from Texas and Chicago to Rockin' and Delta Blues. A Gospel piece and Field Holler also spice the mix.


SlowBurn, a soulful blues act that spans the gamut from Texas and Chicago to Rockin' and Delta Blues. The band has a knack for encompassing all these styles with their own signature sound, as demonstrated on their recent second CD release, 'All About The Journey'.

Dubbed the hardest working band in Edmonton, SlowBurn has played over 400 shows over the last 4 years since their inception. Their commitment to the music becomes apparent as their songs draw you in to become part of the experience.

The five piece band consists of:

Bruce Watson Vocals, Resonator Guitar, Harp
Todd Colbourne Keyboards, Vocals, Harp
Kyler Schogen Guitar, Vocals
Phil Wilson-Birks Bass
Nathan Anderson Drums, Background Vocals

SLOWBURN's new "All About The Journey" features 13 pieces of soulful blues, spanning the gamut from Texas and Chicago to Rockin and Delta Blues. A Gospel piece and Field Holler also spice the mix. SLOWBURN encompasses all these styles with their own signature style and sound making this a memorable listening experience.

1 All About The Journey
2 Baseball Jump
3 Mr. Wrong
4 History Of Heartache
5 Uncle Sam Blues
6 Smitten
7 Laguna Blues
8 Cat Burglar
9 Just Got Eyes For Me
10 Love Keeps On Walkin'
11 Texas Tornado
12 The Other Side
13 Linin' Track


Bruce Watson 
Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica 
Nickname: Southside Slide

Life outside of Slowburn: My two sons, baseball cards & Buddha

People who influenced me & why: John Lee Hooker for being kind & encouraging and a bitchin' musician, Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson for not letting me stop singing and Ken Brown for kicking my ass & imbuing me with a sense of performance

Musicians past & present I'd pay to watch: Charlie Patton, Bob Dylan, Booker White, Howlin' Wolf, Cream, Jethro Tull, Bob Marley, Tom Waits, Muddy Waters, Robert Gordon

Favourite word: Daddy

Least favourite word: Bigotry

Favourite curse word: All tenses & permutations of "fuck"

If not a musician I would have been: Dead

If only I could: Write a bio as cool as Nathan's.

Phil Wilson-Birks 
Bass Guitar/Manager 
I love the Blues. I love to play the Blues. Got my first Bass in 1967 from a pawn shop...$5. I think the brand name was "Pixie"??. A couple of years (and many nights of playing the bars) later and I was able to afford my pride and joy...a 1969 Gibson EBO. I bought it shortly after seeing "CREAM" at the Edmonton "Sales Pavillion". Jack Bruce blew me away! That same year "The WHO" came to town. John Entwistle...WOW!!!! I was hooked on the bass right from the start. Never wanted to play another instrument except the bass. Still feel the same way today. Along with the EBO I also play a Fender Precision, a Larivee, and a Fender Acoustic. Other Bass heroes include; Paul McCartney, Stanley Clarke, Jaco, Victor Wooten, Willie Dixon, James Jamerson, Tommy Shannon, Les Claypool . I feel extremely fortunate to be hangin' out with such a talented group of players. Long Live The 4-String!!! 

Nathan Anderson 
"Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m"……….

"on a road and electric slide, when the dogs drag my bones into the light, I’ll be clean, I will shine"…


"when I was young it was more important, pain was more painful, laughter much louder yeah, when I was young"…….

"I’d sit and listen to my records all day, with big ambitions of when I could play"……..


"lend me your ears and I’ll sing you a song, and I’ll try not to sing out of key"…..


"when you hear this sound a comin’, hear the drummer drummin’ I want you to join together with the band"

Todd Colbourne 
Keyboard/Lead Vocals/Harmonica 
Bio Coming Soon 

Kyler Schogen 
Lead Guitar/Vocals 
…they say there was a time when Kyler wasn’t playing guitar yet… although, nobody seems to be able to remember that far back…

A well rounded and soulful guitar player and singer, Kyler has extensive touring and studio experience with his own bands, as well as backing up other artists in Canada and the U.S., working with people such as:

SlowBurn - 2007
Kyler Schogen Band - 1996 - present time
Blue Reign - 1994 - 1997
Mae Mercer - 1996 - vocalist with Willie Dixon & Memphis Slim
Howard McCrary - 1996 - keyboard player with Chaka Khan
Tim Bogert - 1996 - from Jeff Beck & Vanilla Fudge
Rami Jaffee - 1994 - from the Wallflowers
Joey Philips - 1992 - 1994 - from Atlantic Star
Steve Isham - 1992 - 1994 - from Autograph
Mad Love - 1992 - 1993
Jody Cortez - 1992 - with Christopher Cross
Brad Gillis & Kelly Keagy - 1988 from Night Ranger
John Thomas - from Sparks
Paul Warren - 1987 - with Richard Marx’s band
Bob Margouleff - 1987 - producer/engineer for Wilson Pickett, Stevie Wonder & Jeff Beck

CD Credits, Scores & other:

- 2007 Mad Love - ‘Rhythm Of The Street”, SunCave Records
- 2003 Kyler Schogen Band - “Plain & Simple”, SunCave Records
- 2000 Oversoul - “Oversoul“, Causal Body Entertainment
- 1996 Mae Mercer - “When He Called It Quit“, Blackhawk Records
- 1996 Blue Reign - “Peace Garden“, Translucent Records
- 1993 “Body Cushion” (industrial film)
- 3 songs for Everest Entertainment’s 1992 film release “Secret Sins”
- 1992 “L.A. Music Notes“, Media 14 Productions
- Kyler’s band “Mad Love”, won “Local Licks” 1992 on Los Angeles’ premier rock station KLOS.
- 1987 - 1988 Staff writer for BradHam Publishing
- Kyler has also laid guitar tracks on hundreds of demos during his years in Los Angeles.
- Kyler Schogen is a full time musician, song writer & performer and registered member of SOCAN.

Kyler’s currently grooving with SlowBurn and says, “Thanks for welcoming me into the band guys”.

He also passes along a, “Hello Folks, and always remember, …no matter where you go, there you are…”