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Shawn Pittman "Edge Of The World"
Shawn Pittman has got talent, a lot of it, and it is that talent that shines brightly on each Album he releases, especially his newest one, "Edge Of The World". Shawn Pittman's journey of becoming a exceptional multi-instrumentalists started when he was only 8, taking music lessons for Piano. From there he progressed to Drums via sneaking into his brothers room to play his. By the age of 14 he began playing Guitar and it was at that time that he was introduced to the music of Lightnin' Hopkins and Muddy Waters via a close high school friend, Braken Hale. Beyond introducing Shawn to the Blues, Braken continued to be influential in Shawn's life by writing music for many of his albums, including "Edge Of The World".
Shawn Pittman's first true mentor was Sam Myers, whom was "an American blues musician and songwriter. He appeared as an accompanist on dozens of recordings for blues artists over the past five decades, and fronted one of the top blues bands in the world. He began his career as a drummer for Elmore James but was most famous as a blues vocalist and blues harp player. Myers was in high demand for his authentic delta blues sound." "According to Pittman, "Sam Myers was one of the best musicians I've ever played with!" With inspiration and guidance from Sam and other influential Artists, Shawn released his first album in 1996. Throughout the 90's and up till 2005, Shawn's career continued to grow, both with more Album releases and gigs with other Artists such as Susan Tedeschi. 2005 to 2008 was a period of quiet reflection for Shawn, as his took a break to reevaluate himself, which seemed to work because since then he has been on fire as far as putting out new releases, with 5 under his belt by mid 2010. Such a flurry of activity did not go unnoticed and it was not long after that he had signed a new record contract with Delta Groove Music. "Edge Of The World" marks his 6th Album since 2008 and 10th overall.
"Edge Of The World" consists of 13 Tracks, in which Shawn Pittman had either written or co-written 11 of them. Shawn's good friend Bracken Hale gets solo credit for one Track ("This Time") and shares the writing credits on one Track, the title Track  ("Edge Of The World"), with Shawn Pittman. Lewis Dickson, another of Shawn's good friends, is in on the credits as co-writer with Shawn Pittman on 6 Tracks. The one Cover on this Album, is a Chester Burnett (Howlin' Wolf) song titled "Sugar (Where'd You Get Your Sugar From)".
The list of musicians on "Edge Of The World" is quite short, actually there are only 2, consisting of Shawn Pittman whom beyond Vocals, also played Electric, Acoustic, and Slide Guitar, as well as, Piano, Bass, and Drums. Shawn is also credited as the Album's Engineer and Co-Producer. Jonathan Doyle, the only other musician on this Album contributed Tenor and Baritone Saxophone on 4 of the Tracks. Jonathan Doyle has been part of several bands including the Mighty Blue Kings, Jimmy Sutton's Four Charms, and White Ghost Shivers.
The idea behind "Edge Of The World" was to keep it simple and to bring the real sound of great blues from the 50' and 60's, before music started to become to technically produced, as Shawn Pittman says, "there was more of a Live Sound and certain Soul that reverberated through those Records." Also "When asked to comment about the inspiration behind his latest and most ambitious project Pittman simply states "I'm just playing the music I want to hear!" With "Edge Of The World", Shawn Pittman has brilliantly created a project that perfectly fits into a 50's and 60's feel. In fact, you will be hard pressed not to think that this Album actually came from that time period. It is totally representative and authentic in all respects to that era of music, especially with the center stage playing of the gritty guitar and the use of just one mic to bring a nice little hollow feel to it all. In fact, there are some tracks which will bring you back to memories of the good old sock hop days.
"Edge Of The World" will keep you on the Edge Of Your Seat, with anticipation of each following Track. A wonderful trip back by one awfully talented forward thinking Artist.
"Edge Of The World" is a wonderfully creative Album, that more then deserves my highest rating of 5*****, and an Album that I Highly Recommend and Thoroughly Enjoyed.
Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)
Additional Info
1. Sugar (Where'd You Get Your Sugar From) 4:27
2. Leanin' Load 3:10
3. Scent Of Your Benjamins 4:28
4. Almost Good 3:49
5. One Of These Days 3:44
6. Edge Of The World 3:55
7. That's The Thing 4:41
8. Maintain 3:53
9. I've Had Enough 2:59
10. This Time 3:43
11. Something's Gotta Give 4:41
12. Somebody Gonna Lose, Somebody Gonna Win 4:43
13. If I Could (Make The World Stop Turning) 3:11
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