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Savoy Brown "Voodoo Moon" 

 Kim Simmonds should know what he is talking about, so when he says the following I believe the songs on Voodoo Moon are the best Ive written since the early 70's. It is modern blues rock but with more song orientation than normally associated with the genre. which is written inside the CD cover of Savoy Brown's newest release "Voodoo Moon", one tends to give that statement a lot of credibility, after all, Kim Simmonds has been part of Savoy Brown, the band he formed and led, for going on 45 years.

Savoy Brown celebrated their 45th Anniversary this year with their Debut Ruf Records release "Voodoo Moon", which I believe is their 32nd album, and through it all, with the dozens of artists that have come and gone, Kim Simmonds has remained the one constant throughout the bands history. There from the beginning and certainly there when it's the end, Kim Simmonds has partaken in the bands glory and nurtured it through it rougher patches, and now with the release of "Voodoo Moon", Kim, with his new lineup, are once again headed into the glorious spotlight.

The new lineup for Savoy Brown now consists of Kim Simmonds (Guitar % Vocals), Joe Whiting (Vocals & Saxophone), Garnet Grimm (Drums) and Pat DeSalvo (Bass). Joe Whiting is now the main Vocalist for Savoy Brown, as Kim Simmonds wanted to concentrate more on his Guitar playing, and I must say, that Kim could not have picked a better singer than Joe for the job.

"Voodoo Moon" consists of 9 Superb Tracks, all originals of which Kim Simmonds solely wrote 7 and co-wrote 2 with Joe Whiting, Track 1 "Shockwaves" & Track 3 "Too Much Money". Also included on the 9 Tracks is one instrumental, Track 6 "24/7". Joe Whiting was of course the main Vocalist for this release, however Kim Simmonds did take the Vocalist reins on 2 of the songs, Track 5 "Look At The Sun" and Track 7 "Round And Round".

When it comes to the music of Savoy Brown, I really did not have anything to compare it to, as far as, past releases were concerned, as Savoy Brown was not a group that I really listened much to throughout the years, other then catching the odd tune on regular radio and more recently on Sirius XM radio. I however, can say, that "Voodoo Moon" is certainly one of the best albums that I have listened to so far in 2011. From beginning to end "Voodoo Moon" is one hell of a good production, loaded for bear with a collection of wonderfully written and performed songs. Some are already saying that this album is their best since the early 70's, and I for one, have found no reason to disagree.

"Voodoo Moon" is one of those albums that is so chalked full of great performances that it is truly not easy to pick several favorites and listening to the album a few times, to pick a few favorites, doesn't help either, because the more you listen to "Voodoo Moon", the better all the songs begin to sound. That being said, my favorite 3 on "Voodoo Moon" were Track 2 "Natural Man", Track 4 "She's Got The Heat", and Track 8 ""Voodoo Moon". These were the Tracks for me that really showed off the band at their best, especially the Guitar work from Kim Simmonds and the amazing Vocals from Joe Whiting.

Every now and then a Veteran band or artist steps out of the woodwork and shows the young ones how it's done, blowing both the young ones and everyone else away. 2011 saw that done twice, once with the Blues release "Low Country Blues" from Gregg Allman and now also with the Blues Rock release from Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown, "Voodoo Moon".

"Voodoo Moon" is, I'm sure, going to be an immense treat for Savoy Brown fans, and one in which will certainly catch the ears of many new fans.

Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)


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