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Riot and the Rhythm Devils
"Tough Times"

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THE ORIGINAL DEVIL’S MUSIC!!! Before Rock and Roll there was Blues, the core of Riot and his Rhythm Devils…Riot is all about living, hearing and feeling the Blues like it is meant to be, along with the unexpected. It all starts with the Blues, add some Rockabilly, Rock n’ Roll, a touch of Country, and Riot will grab your attention... in all their music, and live performances. Be prepared to change how you think of and hear the Blues, you will be hearing and living it the Riot way…

Riot and his Rhythm Devils made quite an impression when they performed in major festivals over the past years, such as the Montreal International Jazz Festival (three times in four years), Toronto Street Fest, Barrie Waterfront Festival, Tremblant Blues Festival, Edmundston Blues Festival, Sutton Blues Festival, along with many other festivals and local venues, including such highlights as opening for The Jeff Healey Band.

That is just the beginning... Tough Times is the 2nd CD, following the first self-titled CD released in 2005. Tough Times was produced and recorded in Montreal, putting together 14 tracks, comprised of 13 originals and a phenomenal blues rendition of Prince’s “Purple Rain”.

It is in 2001 that Riot and His Rhythm Devils started to emerge in the world of the Blues. He and bass player Big Papa Mike joined forces in 2002 to become the powerhouse they are today.


1 Tough Times (For the Blues)
2 Drive All Night
3 Come Tomorrow
4 Turn It Up
5 I Don't Care
6 Purple Rain
7 Gold Diggin' Mama
8 Drink Some Mo'
9 Kws
10 Save My Soul
11 Movin' On
12 Close to You
13 100 Miles An Hour
14 Get the Show On the Road

About Riot

Riot is not new to the music scene, having founded and played in other bands, exploring other genres throughout his career and also as part of the legendary Montreal-based French-rock group Vilain Pingouin since 2002 as lead guitar and back-up vocals.

Riot and His Rhythm Devils are at their best when playing live where you can’t help but be pulled in and feel the magic in their music.

Riot began playing music in 1989, forming his first band “Psychotic Pain”, he was able to quench his thirst on the scene with a little help from influences such as “Guns N’ Roses”. The band wrote and played original material from 1991 to 1996, and released an album.

As 1996 came to a close, Riot began to explore his urges to experiment with Blues, and formed “The 283 Blues Band”. “The Soul Brothers” were formed two years later and from a reunion with his former front man from Psychotic Pain (J.C.), The “J.C. Band” was born, writing and playing original material. Riot quickly gained the intimidating reputation of being a formidable guitarist.

While continuing to travel through his journey of love for the Blues, Riot was recruited by the already legendary Quebec rock group “Vilain Pingouin”, as their lead guitarist. In the fall of 2003, “Vilain Pingouin” released a “Live” album, expanding Riot’s horizons, and bringing the face of experience to a new level. This new level of recognition opened several doors, including a notable invitation by producer David Hampp to play on John Ronigers debut album “Addicted”.

In the summer of 2001, Riot gathered up his “Rhythm Devils”, and plugged once again into the unknown abyss of Rock ‘N’ Roll and Blues.

A merciless talent, Riot continues to grow musically, and his opportunities continue to broaden his name around Montreal. There seems to be no cure in sight for this fevered guitarist, and no better medicine than his ability to speak a language so few of us have a gift for, and so many of us adore.

Riot and his Rhythm Devils Promotional Video