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Priscilla's Revenge "Third Gear" 

 The first thing I noticed, right away, when I started listening to Priscilla's Revenge's 3rd release, "Third Gear" was that it was one really great sounding album. "Third Gear" immediately took me back to the rockin' great bands of the early 70's and if I closed my eyes, I could swear I was listening to a album from that era, not a modern CD. Thanks for that great sound, goes out to none other than, renowned Producer and Engineer Terry Manning, whom has performed his magic in the past for such greats as Otis Redding, ZZ Top, Shakira, to name just a few. I have had the good fortune of not only listening to Priscilla’s Revenge's 2 previous releases, but also the good fortune of listening to them getting better and better with each new release. Priscilla’s Revenge believe that "Third Gear", is their finest work so far, and I am right along with them in that belief.

"Priscilla’s Revenge is a blues-rock based band based in the Northwest Territories and has previously been nominated for national awards such as the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards and the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Awards." Norman, Greg, and Blair were all born in the Northwest Territories, with Norman and Blair born on Yellowknife and Greg born in Tuktoyaktuk. You can check out the story of how the bands name and logo were created here...

"Third Gear" consists of 12 Tracks, all new originals, written by the band. In addition to Priscilla's Revenge which consists of Norman Glowach (Drums, Bass, Guitar, and Vocals), Greg Nasogaluak ( Guitar, Vocals), Blair Brezinski (Bass, Vocals), the lineup for "Third Gear" also included a great collection of Guest musicians which included Lonesome Jim Lawrance & Clayton Pielak (Harmonica), Brant Leeper & Willy MacCalder (Keyboards), Mark Earley (Baritone Sax), Richard Lataille (Tenor Sax), and Doug Woolverton (Trumpet). Terry Manning also got in on the action by way of Harmony Vocals. "Third Gear" was recorded mainly in Yellowknife at Spiritwalker Productions and later it was fine tuned at Terry Manning's Studio in the Bahamas. The process of making "Third Gear" involved over a period of 3 years.

The first 3 Tracks on "Third Gear" are pretty well pedal to the metal numbers, with Tracks 2 and 3 having unique openings. Track 2 started off with what sounded like a Didgeridoo and Track 3 started off with a few bars that sounded like a Led Zepellin riff. Another unique opening to one of the songs was Track 11, which had the sound of screeching tires to start that one.

After the first 3 Tracks Priscilla's Revenge slows it done a bit, while at the same time bringing forward, what I feel, is the best work on "Third Gear". This transformation starts at Track 4 with "The Best Thing For Me", a song that sounds a little like what the Moody Blues and the Allman Brothers would sound like if they wrote a song together. That Track is the starting point for a host of songs, as well an instrumental, that we really start to see Priscilla's Revenge stretch their musical realm, to fantastic new borders. Track 6 "Where Did We Go Wrong", is my favorite song on "Third Gear" and is a contender as being one of the best Blues Rock songs I have heard all year. Track 7 "Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi", which translated is "I Don't Know Why", is the 1 instrumental on "Third Gear". Track 9 "She Can't Stop", Track 10 "Ape Boy And The Velcro Girl", and Track 11 " Brakes On", kicks in with fully utilizing the additional guest musicians, especially the Horns and Keyboards. This brings even a more dynamic and full feel to "Third Gear". The closing Track on "Third Gear" is a wonderfully done reprise of the first Track "Leave Em Outside The Door" and could not have been a more suited way to close off this wonderful album.

With "Third Gear", Priscilla's Revenge have really shown an amazing growth spurt. This album is truly the beginning of this fine band really coming into it's own.

Highly Recommended and Thoroughly Enjoyed... Congrats to all involved, you really did an extraordinary job on this one...

Review By John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)


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