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Priscilla's Revenge
"Built For Speed"

This trio from Yellowknife was here for the Canadian Aboriginal Awards show at the end of November and left behind an impressive CD. The name comes from an album by an earlier band of which drummer Norm Glowach was a member. Glowack is from Yellowknife and is of Metis ancestry. Greg Nasogaluak, from Tuktoyaktuk, is on guitar and Yellowknife-born Blair Brezinski is on bass. A defining feature of their blues-rock style is their extensive use of group vocals. They claim Jimmy Reed, Bo Diddley and Cream as influences and for their first CD, they’ve written twelve original songs. The opener is the title tune, a driving rocker that should go over well in the bars. “What’s Going On Around Here?” slows things down a bit, with some fine harp work. “Show Us What You Got” is an acoustic effort whose harmony vocals bring to mind British groups from the sixties, a notion reinforced by the Yardbirds-like “She’s Got Me Rockin’”, again with great harp work. “I Start To Burn” and “Don’t Look ‘Em In The Eyes” are perhaps the bluesiest tracks here, power trio workouts with fine playing to go with those group vocals. I should think that on the strength of this disc that they are doing very well on the Yellowknife bar scene. Perhaps this calling card will get them on more trips out. Samples are at their web site: - John Valenteyn (John's Blues Picks)

Norm tells you... 

"The Story Behind the Bands Name"

In the 80's I was the drummer in a band called “The Red Devil Rockin’ Blues Band”. The lead singer of the band, Jim Lawrence was responsible for doing our promo material. To give the band an edgy look he decided to use copies of old tattoos on our posters. This worked great until he used the image of a girl in a short skirt in a slightly suggestive pose. No one in the band thought anything of it and the posters were put up all over town. Well, the feminists in town noticed, and started to deface the posters. Phrases like, “You sexist pigs”, “This could be your daughters” and the likes were plastered over the posters. At the time I was working in the government and was receiving emails that were ruder than the poster. They even hassled us outside the gig! So, in order to talk about this image “In code”, I mentioned to Jim that we should give the image a name, I suggested Priscilla, and Jim agreed. Later on, the band decided to release a cassette of live recordings that we had been doing at what was then called “The Float Base”. Now the bar is called “Harleys Hard Rock Saloon”. I was in charge of putting together the recording. Jim and I got together and I suggested that we call it “Priscilla’s Revenge”, he came up with the idea of the image of the red devil giving the finger. We both thought it was funny, and later joked “if you thought we were politically incorrect before check this out!”. The band ended in the early 90's and we all went our separate ways.

In late 2004 Greg Nasogaluak and I decided to put together a three piece blues band using the model of “The Red Devil Rockin’ Blues Band”. The same format was decided on. Guitar, bass and drums doing high energy blues based rock music. We played a few gigs without a name and then one night while we were playing, my wife and our friends the Lacey's were sitting around brain storming names. My wife suggested “Priscilla’s Revenge”. It’s perfect, it’s a nod to what I consider to be one of the best blues rock bands ever to play in Yellowknife. And it has that added bonus of once again giving the finger to all of those who gave us grief before. Of course, today the image of “Priscilla” is tame in comparison to what we see in the media around us. How times change, in the 50’s the image would have been considered quite risky. In the 80's sexist and now nobody even notices it.

Priscilla’s Revenge is a three piece Rockin’ Blues Band. In the last year Priscilla’s Revenge has been playing a variety of venues around Yellowknife. Their hard rockin’ blues format and talented players have been receiving very favorable response from the public.

The members of the group are: Born in Yellowknife NWT of Metis ancestry, Norm Glowach has been involved in the Northern music scene all of his life. From the early days of music programs and garage rock bands, Norman’s name has been synonymous as a master of his primary instrument, the drums. Throughout Norman’s long career in music, not only has he dedicated himself to the North with his personal music, but has become an innovative leader within the musical community. As well as practicing his art, he has been a mentor for many musicians wanting to be on the cutting edge of technology. When not working at the NWT Archives, Norman runs his recording studio “Spiritwalker Productions” in Yellowknife. He is the most recorded drummer in Yellowknife and has been a member of many different bands performing over a period of 35 years in North.

Greg Nasogaluak of Inuvialuit ancestry, is originally from the community of Tuktoyaktuk, He started playing the guitar at an early age and has continued for the last 21 years. Encouraged by his parents, Eunice and William Nasogaluak of the “Tuk Drummers and Dancers” he continues the tradition of music in this long time northern family. Greg’s guitar playing can be heard on many northern recording projects from folk artists to punk rock groups. Greg is quickly becoming the “guitar player to call” when musicians need a guitar track done in the studio. His rock background, love of the blues, talent and dedication to his craft are turning him into an excellent guitar player who is a joy to watch.

Blair Brezinski is the bass player, and newest member of the band. Born in Yellowknife Blair has been playing In the North for many years. The blues rock style of Priscilla’s Revenge is a nice fit for Blair. Since joining the band he has become an equal partner in the songwriting process, and his bass playing and vocals have moved the band into new areas.

Priscilla’s Revenge is working hard to explore the roots of blues rock music and it is showing in the music that the band is writing. Since forming they have written an albums worth of songs and have released their first album “Built for Speed” on April 14th. Stretching from Jimmy Reed, Bo Diddley and Cream, all the way to their originals, this is the best blues rock band in Yellowknife. For more information please call Norman Glowach at 873-3912

Priscilla's Revenge playing at Canadian Aboriginal Festival, Toronto 2007