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Outlaw X "Out Of The Box"



1. Backyard
2. No Love
3. Waters of Love
4. Shoulda' Known Better
5. I'll Be The One to Last
6. Old Fashioned Girl
7. I Cry
8. Dancin' Shoes
9. Two of a Kind
10. I'm Your Friend
11. Stay With Me

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About Outlaw X

As Blues Legend Willie Dixon once put it… “The Blues is the branches, and every other type of music is the fruit on the tree.” Well if that’s the case then the band known simply as “Outlaw X” fits that bill to a tee. The “musical elixir” that they deliver is a powerful bluesy sound tinged with many of the elements of American Roots Music. Combine that with heartfelt lyrics that tell the story of life with all of its challenges and triumphs and you’ve got nothing short of a winning combination.

The band’s name is a tribute to a great radio station "Radio X" (pronounced ekees) on the Texas/Mexico border back in the day. ZZ Top wrote about it in their tune "Heard it on the X" off their "Fandango" album. That station was “experimental” and and played everything with no particular format: Blues, Conjunto, Country, Mariachi, Gospel, Rock 'n Roll. “Outlaw X” was founded in March of 2004 by members: Larry Kimpel - Lead Vocals & Bass/ Ricky “Z“ Zahariades- Guitars, Vocals / Bill Steinway – Keyboards, Organ / Herman Matthews – Drums, Vocals

To tell you the truth, the band was born out of a need to ease a steadily rising frustration. You see, not unlike the Grammy Award winning bands “Toto” and “Mister Mister”, all of the members of “Outlaw X” are first-call sidemen on the contemporary music scene in Los Angeles California. And just like those afore mentioned bands, Larry, Ricky, Bill and Herman all had a burning desire to have their own music heard by the masses. 

Collectively the guys have a staggering 100+ years of combined professional musical experience and many Gold and Platinum CD performances to their credit as session players. The time was right for them to chart their own career course and to make their own musical statement. So when Bassist Larry Kimpel picked up the phone and made the calls to his first choices for band mates, without hesitation… “Outlaw X” was born! Well with all that being said, Blues / Roots Music fans all over the world are about to be treated to something truly special because “Outlaw X” has got a sweet recipe for musical success and they can’t wait to start cookin’ for you!

Outlaw X - Backyard