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Norine Braun
"Acoustically Inclined"
(Braun and Brain Music)

In a style and sound reminiscent of the legendary Joni Mitchell, Norine Braun's Newest Release "Acoustically Inclined", once again proves that their are artists still out there that refuse to be pigeoned holed into one genre or the other, and therefore are able to offer their fans something fresh and excited each time they record. "Acoustically Inclined" offers it listeners a number of Genres, performed with a brilliance and insight that is sure delight all her present fans, while certainly making more along the way. 

John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

With her powerful voice and strong writing, this prolific indie singer/songwriter offers up 16 tracks including a cover of These Boots are Made for walking on her eighth full length album.

Reviews & Info

Music is timeless- whether in how long a song can last in the popular conscious- or in when a musician’s career he or she is inspired to write or record that song to begin with. In Norine Braun’s (case), where the latter is concerned, she concedes “I was a late bloomer...I always wrote songs, but it was in my bedroom with my tape recorder, for myself. In terms of my going into a studio, putting money behind it and trying to grow, that wasn't until my early '30s...I had a lot of people saying to me 'Are you kidding? It's too late! Most people your age are hanging up your instrument.' I didn't listen. I have to do what I have to do.” 

Perhaps making up for lost time, Braun’s impressive and prolific catalog of six studio albums recorded/released over the past few years includes ‘Evolution of the Blood Star,’ ‘Now and Zen,’ ‘Norine Braun and the Mood Swings,’ ‘Crow,’ ‘Miles to Go,’ and ‘Modern Anguish.’ Braun’s pool of musical influences, according to, is “all over the musical map, stretching...her vocals into pop, rock, hip-hop, jazz, spoken-word, name it, she's got it covered.” Citing derivative influences that include Sade, Bjork, Blondie, kd lang, Patti Smith and Norah Jones, Braun’s musical bedrock is steeped in soul, with jazz, ambient pop and rock & roll laid overtop in a sound that has observed “has great depth, versatility, and provides a fresh alternative to pretty much anything you could get your hands on in the mainstream progressive rock world.” 

The recipient of awards including the prestigious ‘Female Singer-Songwriter of the Year’ in the Jazz Category at the Independent L.A. Music Awards (2006), Braun, even as a newcomer, has dazzled her critics as “a rare find,” according to The Best Female Musicians Magazine. Ink19 Magazine, meanwhile, has observed that while “people throw the word eclectic around a lot these days...pop vocalist Norine Braun...earns that label.” While critical praise continues to roll in, looking to the future, what Braun feels most excited and energized by her new album, with the singer revealing that “Acoustically Inclined is my current recording project and 7th album to be released later this year, This album is acoustic and naked, showcasing my live solo singer-songwriter performances. My intention is to capture the essence of the song in its purest form, vocal and guitar which is my usual modus operandi. Following this album I would love to do a rich and textured down-tempo chill album. I am also researching a BC First Nation’s woman, Kocomnepeca, and hope to create an album themed around her life story. There is so much more I have yet to express, and if the creator is willing I shall proceed via this wonderful gift called music.” Keep up with Norine’s goings-on online here at 

Stuart Derdeyn The Province

1 Truth and Dares
2 Another Man’s Fate
3 Ballad of Magic Man
4 Take Back The Power
5 Christmas Bells
6 Love and Not Fear
7 Miles To Go
8 Dreams
9 There’s A Long, Long Trail A Winding
10 Little Girl With Golden Hair
11 Junkie
12 Be Brave
13 Persephone
14 Human Kindness
15 Climb That Mountain
16 These Boots Are Made For Walkin

About Norine Braun

With her powerful voice and strong writing, this prolific indie singer/songwriter offers up 16 tracks including a cover of These Boots are Made for walking on her eighth full length album. 

Norine Braun is a Vancouver based singer-songwriter who has been called "jazzed up, funk tinged pop." That should tell you how her music defies conventional categorization. Built on a solid foundation of soul, Norine experiments with forms from ambient pop to jazz and rock. Braun herself is an interesting mixture of equal parts Sade, Blondie, Bjork and Norah Jones. Smooth one minute and rocking out the next. It’s a rare quality, and one that Braun capitalizes on to keep things compelling, a genuine musical chameleon.

Braun has accumulated an extraordinary discography of unpretentious, personal songs anchored by her sweet, confident voice and genteel composition. She crafts tuneful, friendly songs with subtle but effective arrangements, dynamic and graceful and memorable.

Now, Braun is back with her sixth CD, Evolution of the Blood Star, and on these thirteen tracks Braun shows an even greater depth and maturity. Evolution of the Blood Star expands on her penchant for ambient soul pop, and shows this gifted songstress taking bold steps on her soulful journey into self-exploration. The jazz torch song, "Skylight," is evocative and inspirational, anchored by gentle classical piano and a melody as delicate as flower petals. The title track Evolution of the Blood Star truly inspires and intrigues with its contagious hook and neo B-52s landscape.

Artsy and fun, thoughtful and savvy, Norine Braun will zing to the heart of any listener.

Female Singer-Songwriter of The Year Jazz Category for Crystallize (Next Wave CD) -LA Music Awards 2006

Artists For Literacy International Songwriting Competition Winner for Conformity 451.

Stone Wall Society 2004 Pride In The Arts Musician Award Winner for Now and Zen CD

Kweevak CD of the Year Award 2003 for Norine Braun and The Mood Swings cd.

Partial list of Venues Played:
National Aboriginal Day Festival Trout Lake
Davie Day TD Canada Trust Festival Stage
Cottage Bistro
El Cocal
Anza Club
Cafe Deux Soleil
Breakfast Television
Vancouver Pride Sunset Beach Festival Stage
Seattle Rockrgrl Music Conference Showcase Performer
Eastside Pride Dance Wisehall
Eastside Pride in The Park Grandview Celebration Stage
Picnic in the Park Stanley Prospect Point/Brockton Oval
Gay Day at Playland PNE Fairgrounds
Brain Tumour Foundation Benefit Riverside Park
West Point Grey Monday Night Live Aberthau Mansion
Trout Lake Community Centre Concert in the Park