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Sleepy Eyes Nelson & Craig Hughes "Graveyard Full Of Blues"

Scrapping an often neglected and sometimes forgotten form of Blues off the Killing Room Floors and bringing it back to all it's glory is something that Sleepy Eyes Nelson & Craig Hughes have certainly managed to accomplish with their new and ground breaking split album, "Graveyard Full Of Blues".

"Graveyard Full Of Blues" offers nearly an hour of some of the best and rawest blues you have likely heard in quite a while. "Graveyard Full Of Blues" is a split album with Sleepy Eyes Nelson & Craig Hughes each writing, performing, and producing their respective halves of this unique project. Both halves of this album consists of over 28 minutes of music featuring just one artist per half. Blues doesn't get any closer to it's origin when being played in this manner.

Sleepy Eyes Nelson's half of this project is called "Build That Coffin Of Mine" and consists of 11 tracks and has no problem show casing why he is quickly becoming a favorite among the fans of Country Blues, especially with his unique playing of guitar.

Discovered by Devil's Ruin Records several years ago, Sleepy Eyes Nelson already has 3 previous albums, Dirty With The Blues, Bottle Of Wine at the Belgrove Hotel, and No Sleep Past Midnight, No Slips Until Midday. He collaboration with Craig Hughes marks yet another notch in his belt as he continues to gain more and more fans.

Craig Hughes' half of this project is called "Pennies On My Eyes" and consists of 8 tracks and certainly showcase why I picked a previous album of his, "Pissed Off, Bitter And Willing To Share", as British Blues Album Of The Year 2009, and placed it number 6 in my Top 25 Albums Of The Year  for 2009.

Crossing over from playing mainly Alternative Rock in the 80's and 90's, Craig Hughes has placed himself firmly in the forefront of Raw, Straight Forward Blues. His collaboration with Sleepy Eyes Nelson on "Graveyard Full Of Blues", is yet another very welcome piece of work that continues to place Hughes in the company of some of best and more unique Blues Artists playing out there today.

"Graveyard Full Of Blues", is Simple Blues, done Simply Perfect and is more than a welcome addition to any Blues Fans collection of Brilliantly Done Back Porch Style Playing and Singing.

Although it is very early in the year, I have a feeling that "Graveyard Full Of Blues" will still be one of my favorite pieces of music by years end.

5***** for "Graveyard Full Of Blues". A thoroughly enjoyed production of rare Blues.

Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

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Sleepy Eyes Nelson "Build That Coffin Of Mine"

1. Gambling From Home 2:20
2. Bring The Walls Down 2:39
3. Undertaker Blues 2:06
4. St. Vincent Street Blues 2:58
5. How I Am Today 2:05
6. Holy Darkness 2:59
7. Gotta Leave This Town 2:15
8. Man Of The West 2:12
9. Postman Blues 3:07
10. Sober Blues 3:31
11. Beat Devil Blues 2:28

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Craig Hughes "Pennies On My Eyes"

1. All The World's Women 2:46
2. My Side Of The Veil 4:28
3. Lies Damned Lies 3:12
4. Babe I'm Going Nowhere 2:22
5. That Old Red Mist Comes Down 4:48
6. It'll Have To Do 2:01
7. For You 3:54
8. Oily Old Rag 4:56

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Craig Hughes Bio

In the late '80s and '90s, alt.blues/roots musician and songwriter Craig Hughes paid his dues playing in alternative rock bands,while at the same time developing his acoustic blues chops as a street musician.  Lots of miserable, cold, wet busking from Glasgowthrough Central Scotland to the Edinburgh Festival and back.

While kicking his heels between bands in 2005, the success of a couple of solo acoustic gigs led to a support slot with Tony McPheeof The Groundhogs and the opportunity to record a demo EP in Dublin.  The demo was well received and led to gigs in the USA as wellas at venues and Americana promotions across Scotland.  Over the last couple of years, Craig has shared the stage with many of theleading names in alt.blues and roots music (as well as in the underground/stoner rock scene) from the UK and around the world.In 2008 Craig began hosting That Devil Music, a successful monthly alt.blues/roots gig in Glasgow, switching to individual promotions in the second half of 2010, with future plans including tours and a festival.  Craig's festival appearances to dateinclude Bloom'N'Blues, Altus, Arkansas U.S.A. (2006, 2007, 2010), the Oxjam Ashton Lane Folk Festival, Glasgow 2007, The GlasgowJazz Festival (Blues On The River, 2009, 2010), Fest For A Fiver (Glasgow, 2010) and Record Store Day (Stirling, 2010).Craig has received generous support from local radio in Scotland and online.  Since May 2009 he has performed live in the studioand been interviewed several times for The Switchback on Sunny Govan FM in Glasgow, as well as for Celtic Music Radio.  CelticMusic Radio also recorded and broadcast a live performance by Craig at Paisley Arts Centre in March 2010.

Craig's debut album is Pissed Off, Bitter And Willing To Share, which was listed by Canada's Blues Underground Network as British Blues Album Of The Year 2009, and placed at number 6 in their overall Top 25 Albums Of The Year.  In addition, the album has pickedup excellent reviews from UK national music press (Guitar & Bass Magazine, Blues Matters!), music websites such as Loud Horizon,Blues In The Northwest and Still Gigging, and French website Paris-Move.  The album has gained international airplay, across the EU,USA, Canada, Croatia, Macedonia etc.Other releases include: The Graveyard Full Of Blues project (a split release with Sleepy Eyes Nelson), the EP Broke, Lonely and Guilty and the single Hope It Makes You Happy/Blues Like A Hammer. All releases are on Channel Nowhere (Graveyard is a joint release with Cheap Wine Records).Since 2006, Craig has provided original music for several short films and video projects, as well as the soundtrack for the featurefilm, Stix and Stanes, which was Scottish BAFTA nominated for writer/director Joe McArdle.  While prepping for a new featuresoundtrack, Craig is also co-producing and playing on the second album by alt-country/Americana performer Jim Dead.

Sleepy Eyes Nelson Bio

Sleepy Eyes Nelson plays his own style of country blues guitar. After playing around pubs, clubs and festivals for years, and having his music played on various radio stations both at home and abroad, Sleepy Eyes Nelson was discovered by the American record label Devil’s Ruin Records where he has so far released three albums.

2008 - Dirty With The Blues
2009 - Bottle of Wine at the Bellgrove Hotel
2009 - No Sleep Past Midnight, No Slips Until Midday.

In 2008 the Sleepy Eyes Nelson track ‘The Visit’ was also featured on the highly respected compilation ‘Rodentia : The Best of Dark Roots Music’ featuring some of the best in dark roots music from Artists across the world.

In 2009 the Sleepy Eyes Nelson track ‘Sober Blues’ was covered by the West Virginia songster Slate Dump and in early 2010 Texas songwriter and film maker Mike Snow wrote two songs specifically for Sleepy to perform and record - ‘Laughing Mortician Blues’ & ‘Electric Chair Blues’.

Sleepy Eyes Nelson has now signed to the Scottish independent record label Cheap Wine Records who released the album ‘Couldn’t Give My Soul Away Blues’ in 2010.

Further releases are pending.

Press & Quotes “The production is rough and raw as cheap whisky but Sleepy Eyes picks out tunes and rags to comfort the lost souls who wonder with him on life’s lonesome highway” MOLE RAT REVIEW

“Sleepy is the greatest thing to come from Scotland since, well, my ancestors” SLATE DUMP

“Diggin’ holes, drinkin’ beer, listenin’ ta Sleepy Eyes - now that’s livin’!” THE MUSSY CLUVES

“An unwilling superstar” DEVIL’s RUIN RECORDS