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Melinda "Don't Be Sweet" (EP)
She calls herself simply Melinda and that is all you need to know as far as her name is concerned, because this young Blues Rocker has a lot more to offer then just a name, something you become instantly aware of the moment you start listening to her new EP Release "Don't Be Sweet".
Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA., Melinda caught the attention of a lot of local well known and notable performers at the early age of 15. It was not long after that she became, "a staple throughout Pittsburgh’s hidden and diverse blues jams", especially because of the fact she was so naturally talented, and for her age, immensely knowledgeable when it came to Rock and Blues music. Not long after, her natural talent lead her to Boston, MA. when she received a "World Scholarship at Berklee College of Music". Not long after her arrival at Berklee, she was selected to "perform in the prestigious Singers Showcase and was the recipient of The Aerosmith Endowment Award". Also while in Boston, she became a member of an all girl rock band called Mass Ave. Mass Ave's popularity even caught the attention of Epic Records whom showed some serious major interest in the band.
"Don't Be Sweet" now see's Melinda strike out on her own, with this EP which was originally released June 2010.
"Don't Be Sweet" marks Melinda's second EP release and consists of five Tracks, four of which Melinda is credited with co-writing and one fabulous cover written by John Fogerty ("Long As I Can See The Light"). Other co-writers, on this EP included
Kevin Bowe ("The Hard Way"), Kristian H ("The Hard Way", "Leave Your Key", "Don't Be Sweet", "Some Things Never Change"), and Joyce Harrison ("Some Things Never Change"). In addition co-writing. Kristian H also plays Guitar on this Album. The title track, "Don't Be Sweet", "was named a semifinalist in the 2010 International Songwriting Competition".
"Don't Be Sweet" starts the party rolling with the great rocking opening track "The Hard Way" and shows us right away that not only is Melinda a great singer, but she is also a very accomplished Guitarist.
The second Track, John Fogerty's "Long As I Can See The Light", is the one that really sealed the deal for me as far as confirmation that when it comes to a Rockin' Great Voice, Melinda may very well be one of the best out there. "Long As I Can See The Light", was the perfect choice as not only a Cover for "Don't Be Sweet", but also as a song which showcases Melinda's superbly mature, strong, and rich vocal range. A wonderful song, sung wonderfully.
Track 3, "Leave Your Key", once again starts biting at our heels with a gripping full steam ahead rocker of a tune, and as with the first two tracks, I am having a hard timing believing that such a massive voice is coming from such an innocent looking woman, as pictured on the cover of this EP.
For those that may be still a little doubtful of Melinda's talents, Track 4, the title track "Don't Be Sweet", will certainly kick any doubt to the curb. "Don't Be Sweet", is one of those slow bluesy ballads that you had better bring your vocals to the forefront if you want it to be special. Melinda does that and so much more, with this fabulously written and performed song.
Melinda finishes off "Don't Be Sweet", the only way she knows how, and that is pedal to the metal, full steam ahead. "Some Things Never Change" is a great closer for this Album, but one that comes with an inherent flaw, and that is that it leaves you wanting more, but luckily starting the EP all over again, helps with that.
"Don't Be Sweet", proves beyond a doubt that Melinda is far to talented to be just a flash in the pan. I really enjoyed this EP, a lot, and I hope she soon gets out a full length album.
As far as EP's are concerned, "Don't Be Sweet" is an absolute hit.
Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network) 
Additional Info
1. The Hard Way 3:41
2. Long As I Can See The Light 3:34
3. Leave Your Key 3:05
4. Don't Be Sweet 5:33
5. Some Things Never Change 3:10
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