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Malouz "Kole Boutey"

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Malouz "Kole Boutey" is my first introduction to Maloya Blues and although it is in a different language, the blues as it always does, throughout the world, shines through. 

Maloya Blues is based out of Reunion Island, an Island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, often referred to as one of the most intriguing spots on earth. This is perhaps why "Kole Boutey", which was released in 2008, is in itself so intriguing. Based a lot on everyday life on Reunion Island, "Kole Boutey", gives us a good sense on how peaceful and multi-faceted this place must be.

Maloya Blues seems to be Acoustically Forward, but in a form that is not over powering, allowing much of it's other traditional instruments and chorus line to shine through.

Malouz "Kole Boutey" was a thoroughly enjoyable journey into Blues being interpreted from another place and has once again allowed me to realize how versatile Blues really is and how the Blues continues to allow itself to grow throughout the world.

Review By John Vermilyea Blues Underground Network

About Malouz

Malouz band was born in Saint-Leu (Reunion Island) in 2006 and was created by Roberto Morel, former rhythmic guitarist and vocalist of Kanel Band(1993-96). The style of music of the band is maloya-blues and that’s where its name comes from. Malouz is just the contracted association of maloya ( traditional music of reunion) and blues (written here in Creole : blouz). Malouz released its first album entitled “Kolé Boutey” in June 2008. A self-produced album in which Roberto Morel, songwriter , has benefited from Patrick Didier’s talents for the arrangements. This is a refined and soft-acoustic album with 2 rather electric titles: “Kolé Boutey and Kartié Trwa let”, in which Roberto sings his emotions and feelings, love of his island and town, and of his beloved. Some titles: “Grater, Rod Gep, Mon Kafrin”, humorously tackle some realities of Reunion island daily life.

Malouz: Marie navé innti kabri