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Los FabuLocos "Dos"
With their Sophomore release, "Dos", Los FabuLocos featuring Kid Ramos, has taken the next logical step in the evolution of their style of music, advancing the sound first brought to us through the popularity of bands such as, Los Lobos, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Texas Tornadoes, to name a few, and putting their own unique and very addictive stamp on it.
Their style of music has been referred to as Cali-Mex and certainly after a few seconds into "Dos", you plainly see why. But wait, there is more, something special is also part of this very popular Southern California band and that is the nice tinge of Cajun Blues, that is brought to their mix courtesy of Vocalist and Accordion player, Jesse Cuevas.
The name of the Album "Dos", which of course means two, has a bit more significance than just being their second release. It took only Two days to lay down all the tracks, but before that their was Two years of prep work done first and once listening to the final outcome of that lengthy adventure, it becomes quite obvious that that time was very well spent.
Consisting of 12 Tracks, "Dos" doesn't give you a break and further more, taking a break is certainly the last thing on your mind once you start listening to this Album. The lineup for "Dos" has stayed the same, which still includes Jesus Cuevas (Vocals/Accordion/Bass/Acoustic Guitar), Kid Ramos (Guitar/Bajo Sexto/Baritone Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Slide Guitar/Harmony Vocals), James Barrios (Bass/Harmony Vocals), and Mike Molina (Drums). Special Guests performing on "Dos", on various tracks included Manuel "Big Manny" Gonzales (Rubboard/Timbales/Harmony), Raul Medrano (Guiro/Tambourine/Shaker), and Ron Dziubla (Saxophone). With all those magnificent Artists on one Album, you know right away you are in for a musical treat and believe me you get it. Latin flare is also added to "Dos" as 4 of the Tracks are sung in that language.
When it comes to creativity, this band even manages to go beyond the music, with Mike Molina producing the original “Day of the Dead” type painting for the “Dos” cover.
If their first Album was the key that started the engine, this release certainly has them taking off down the road , full bore, with no foreseeable end in sight.
With yet another excellent Album under their belts, Los FabuLocos, continues to successfully entrench their style of music in the American Psyche and Beyond.
Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

Additional Info
1 Everything Will Turn Out Alright
2 The Vibe
3 I Never Thought
4 Los Chucos Suaves
5 She Wakes Up Cryin'
6 Una Pura y Dos Con Sal
7 What's In My Heart
8 The Coffee Song
9 Un Puno De Tierra
10 My Brother's Keeper
11 Keep A Knockin'
12 Calmen Su Rollo

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About Los FabuLocos

Los Fabulocos are one of those groups that come along every so often to remind us that American music is alive and doing just fine. Whether they are singing their brand of the Cali-Mex sound in English or Spanish one can’t help but feel their soulful passion for the things they sing about—love, heartache and working class life in America.
Veterans of Southern California’s Chicano music scene, Jesus Cuevas, drummer Mike Molina and bass player James Barrios have teamed up with legendary blues guitarist Kid Ramos to continue their musical journey down the road that their musical ancestors paved.

Los Fabulocos play with enough energy to power a small fleet of motor vehicles. It's a fuel that burns full- throttle, ignited by the heat of soulful guitar and accordion solos that will make your heart bleed. With the world famous "Kid Ramos" taking the over lead guitar an bajo sexto responsibilities, you are guaranteed to be blown away... Los Fabulocos play songs about complex things; love, family, home and lost loves. While emotions connect, melodies soar. 95 years of combined playing experience provide the audience with a musical experience that will not be soon forgotten.

Los Fabulocos is accordionist/vocalist Jesus Cuevas, bassist/vocalist James Barrios, drummer Mike Molina, and guitarist/vocalist Kid Ramos - four working-class musicians who write and play music for a wide array of working class fans.  Upon the release of their self-titled debut album which was later acknowledged as the "quintessential roots record of 2008," Los Fabulocos' unique brand of Cali-Mex was immediately embraced and praised by critics in newspapers and publications such as the Music Connection, La Opinion, OC Register, Houston Press and El Paso Times.  The band performs for crowds that range from a backyard party of 30 people to European festivals of 30,000 fans.  Their Southwestern blend of blues, zydeco, '50s rock 'n' roll, rhythm & blues, and traditional Mexican music has attracted a dedicated fan base whose broad appeal stems from honest musicianship, lyrics that touch the soul and good old fashioned hard work.

When commenting on what comprises a typical Los Fabulocos performance guitarist Kid Ramos explains, "We mix it up... We play songs in Spanish, then we'll do a Fats Domino song, then we'll play a blues, and then we'll do a Buck Owens or Johnny Cash song. People look and go, 'What?' Then, all of the sudden, they just start dancing and having smiles on their faces."   Whether you're listening to one of their CDs in your car, or have the good fortunes to hear them play live, Los Fabulocos will expand your comfort zone, speak to your heart, and defy you to sit still!

Los Fabulocos Feat Kid Ramos @ Cozy's 2007