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Lightnin' Malcolm "Renegade"
It is not often that you read "he had a musical epiphany" in the bio of a Blues Artist, but then again, Lightnin' Malcolm is far from your typical Blues Artist. Lightnin' Malcolm was hooked on music from a young age courtesy of "an old raggedy guitar w/ a couple of strings and cassette of Muddy Waters his life and the music world would change forever". After traveling the world where he spread his love for the blues everywhere he could, before finally settling into the North Mississippi, and that is where he apparently had that musical epiphany. Now one can't blame him for having that reaction, after all it was the area in which it's Hill Country Blues were made famous by the likes of Fred McDowell, R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, and Jessie Mae Hemphill, to name a few. Lightnin' Malcolm has learned the tradition of playing Hill Country Blues well, as you will certainly agree to, after listening to his new release "Renegade".
"Renegade" consists of 13 Tracks, of which 12 are all new original songs written and produced by Lightnin' Malcolm. "Renegade" is mainly a duo collaboration with Lightnin' Malcolm in addition to Vocals, also playing Guitar, Drums (Track 9), and Bass (Track 1), and Cameron Kimbrough playing Drums. Having this recording done mostly in a duo manner allowed most of this Album to come across in a raw North Mississippi Hill country tradition. Adding to this authenticity was also the fact that "Renegade" was recorded Live, in Clarksdale. In addition to the duo performances on "Renegade", there is also a Horn section featured on some of the Tracks, which featured Jim Spake (Baritone Sax), David McKnight (Tenor Sax), and Nahshon Benford (Trumpet). Other Special Guests on "Renegade" included Nadirah Shakoor (Vocals Track 8), J. Grubbz (Rap Track 10), Rosalind Wilcox (Tambourine Track 9), Dave Hererro (Drum Programming Track 1), and Lucero (Horns Tracks 5, 8, 10).
Teaming up with grandsons of Legendary Blues artists is getting to be a habit for Lightnin' Malcolm, this time with Cameron Kimbrough, the grandson of blues legend (Junior Kimbrough). Previously Lightnin' Malcolm joined forces with Cedric Burnside, the grandson of R.L. Burnside, and together they released the critically acclaimed Album, "2 Man Wrecking Crew".
"Renegade" see's Lightnin' Malcolm stretching the envelope of Hill Country Blues, which like any good creative Artist, can only be expected, and in doing so he shows us the uniqueness that has become his musical trademark. "Renegade" blends well with the other styles Lightnin' Malcolm has chosen to add to it, and although different in character from straight Hill Country Blues, the other little treasures on this Album add more to the over all feeling of belonging on this piece of masterful work, rather it be the Reggae groove of Track 8, Precious Jewel (featuring Nadirah Shakoor) or the Rap and Horns Infused Track 10, North Mississippi (featuring J Grubbz).
As Lightnin' Malcolm continues on his Musical Journey, he shows us with the release of "Renegade", that he already has a lot of it already figured out, and that he is certainly on the right track. With "Renegade", Lightnin' Malcolm, Cameron Kimbrough, and the supporting cast have managed to put together a very fine collection of very fine music.
Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)
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Additional Info
1.Ain't Even Worried
2.Stop Fightin' Over Me
4.So Many Women
5.Guilty Man
6.My Lyin' Ass
7.Last Nite I Held An Angel
8.Precious Jewel (featuring Nadirah Shakoor)
9.Come Go With Me
10.North Mississippi (featuring J Grubbz)
11.Foxfire Ranch
12.Tell You Girl
13.You Better Recognize
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