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Keith Bennett Band
"Jumpin' At The Yale"

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Often when one pays homage to one thing or another, they bring out their very best, from the very deepest parts of their heart. Such is the case with Keith Bennett's newest masterpiece, "Jumpin' At The Yale". In "Jumpin' At The Yale", Keith, with his extraordinary band, has created the best Canadian Soulful Blues release, thus far, in 2008. 

Consisting of 10 Tracks, 8 of which are amazing covers of songs by BB King, Marvin Gaye, Taj Mahal, Ray Charles, Jimmie Read, Randy Crawford, Yellowjackets, and John Mayall, "Jumpin' At The Yale" shows us all, just how versatile and resilient an artist Keith Bennett is. Keith's 2 originals, "Jumpin' At The Yale", which he co-wrote with Howard Abel, and "Blackness and Blues", are pure vintage style Keith Bennett with his harmonica jumping in to take center stage, always at the perfect time.

When Keith Bennett decided to do "Jumpin' At The Yale", there is no doubt in my mind that his mind was made up he was going to surround himself with the best talent he knew for the project, and he did just that with Howard Abel (Rhythm & Lead Electric Guitars), Bill Sample (Keyboards), Rob Marr (Bass), and everyone's favorite drummer Jerry Adolphe.

"Jumpin' At The Yale" is done at a nice leisurely jamming pace, with most of the songs hitting well over 5 minutes and "What's Going On", topping them all at nearly 9 minutes.

"Jumpin' At The Yale" is a solid example of the supreme talent that Canada has when it comes to music, especially those Soulful Blues.

I give this Album 5 out of 5 Stars... My Highest Rating...

Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)


The Keith Bennett Band has performed regularly at the Yale Hotel in Vancouver for the past six years. The Yale Hotel, one of Canada’s premier blues clubs, boasts live music seven nights a week and has hosted an astonishing array of world class musicians over the years. When rumors of the closing of this prominent musical attraction began to surface recently, it seemed only natural to me to retain an audio snapshot of my time 
there. This recording is what we sounded like on any given night. I have been honoured to have had the opportunity to work with such great talent both on the stage and behind the scenes on this project. My warmest thanks to all those involved. 

Keith Bennett


1. Help The Poor 
2. What’s Going On 
3. Big Boss Man 
4. Rio De Janeiro Blues 
5. Revelation 
6. She Caught The Katy 
7. Jumpin’ At The Yale 
8. Hallelujah I Love Her So 
9. Room To Move 
10. Blackness And Blues

Keith Bennett – lead & harmony vocals, acoustic and electric rhythm guitar, harmonicas
Howard Abel – rhythm & lead electric guitars
Bill Sample – keyboards
Rob Marr – bass
Jerry Adolph – drums

About Keith Bennett

The photo of me is with Rodger Hodgson of Supertramp when I performed with him at the Calgary Stampede 2006. I teach, perform and record on a variety of instruments. I like to compose and perform original music for listening audiences. I am presently touring with guitarist Ed Mohoric. We have toured the Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwaii), the gulf islands and have performed a number of concerts in the Vancouver area. I teach guitar, harmonica and voice in Beautiful Deep Cove, N. Vancouver.

Walkin the Dog - Keith Bennett at the Yale