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Justin Saladino Band "Sometimes Called The Blues" (EP) (Canada)


 Every now and then, when an artist sends me their album for review, they also send along either a few more of their earlier albums or albums from a few artists that they really like. The newest release I have just gotten in this manner is, "Sometimes Called The Blues", the Debut EP from the Justin Saladino Band, a Blues/Funk/Rock Trio from Montreal consisting of 18 year old Blues Rock Guitarist, Singer, and Songwriter, Justin Saladino, as well as, Hans Blichert (Bass), and Khayman McColgan (Drums).

"Sometimes Called The Blues" consists of 5 really entertaining Tracks, of which 5 are Covers, plus one Original, "Misery". Doubling up with 2 Covers on the first Track, Freddie King's "Hideaway" and Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Rudemood", explains the math of 5 Covers and 1 Original on 5 Tracks. Additional Covers, for "Sometimes Called The Blues", featured St. Louis Jimmy Oden's "Going Down Slow", Jimi Hendrix's "Izabella", and The Allman Brothers "Southbound". All in all, a really great mix of Covers. 

Any doubts as to the musical prowess of the Justin Saladino Band, quickly fade with the opening Track, "Hideaway"/Rudemood, as this trio burns up the airwaves with this extended jam style instrumental, which takes off to the stratosphere, when "Rudemood" a tune typically played at 264 beats per minute, kicks in at the 2:42 mark. The band simply killed this Track to perfection, with amazing Guitar, Drums, and Bass, all the way through. Wow... 

The second Track, called "Misery", quickly dispels any doubts as to the Vocal prowess of  singer, Justin Saladino, whom can certainly stand up to any young singer of the Blues or otherwise, out there, nowadays. "Misery" also shows us that they are capable of pulling off the trifecta, by also being able to add good songwriting to the list of their skills.

"Goin' Down Slow", a mostly instrumental tune, slows it down a bit, and showed off yet another great musical skill set. This one was an unbelievable performance by all involved, especially Saladino, for whom if he played any more searing Guitar, on this Track, I fear the CD would of caught on fire. Wow, what a amazingly talented Guitarist, this young master is.

Slipping on the hats of Jimi Hendrix and The Allman Brothers, is how they finish off this power packed EP, and with "Izabella" and "Southbound", they show us that they are not only willing to tackle anything, but also capable of pulling it off, in spades, adding their own unique flavors to the mix.

"Sometimes Called The Blues", is one of the more solid and extremely well performed EP's I have heard in recent memory. Their is no doubt in my mind that if the Justin Saladino Band can knock off a handful of Originals, for their Debut Full Length Album, and mix in the kind of brilliantly performed Covers, they did on this EP, they will be going places, and in a hurry.

I usually don't give 5***** for an EP, but "Sometimes Called The Blues", is just to good not to.

Great Stuff... Really Looking Forward To More Of The Same...

Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)


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