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Jumpin Jack Benny "I'll Be Alright" (USA)

 The Jumpin Jack Benny band start off their latest release "I'll Be Alright", with a fast paced Ronnie Earl/Darrell Nulish song called "I Don't Believe", and from that moment on, you I am sure, will come to know why this dynamic group of musicians are considered to be one of the most entertaining acts out there.
Jumpin Jack Benny are Frontman Entertainer Extraordinaire Benny Cortez (Vocals/Harmonica), Tony Fingers (Guitar), Eric Tice (Drums), Mike Stover (Bass), and Kirk Nelson (Keyboards). Tony Fingers also Produced "I'll Be Alright". Together, they serve up one tasty treat of Blues, Rock, R&B, Soul and Funk. Collectively they have recorded and performed with "The Delgado Brothers, B.B. Chung King, Little Milton, WAR, El Chicano, Bo Diddley, and James Cotton", to name a few. Their talent has certainly not gone unknown as they placed 2nd runner up at the 2011 Battle Of The Blues Harps, and 2nd runner up at the 2008 International Blues Challenge. Jumpin Jack Benny, say they draw their inspiration from Legends "Koko Taylor, Little Walter, James Brown, Paul Butterfield, Freddy King, and S.R.V.", and that is certainly apparent on "I'll Be Alright".
In addition to the band, there were an amazing 10 additional performers whom added their magic to various Tracks.
"I'll Be Alright" consists of 11 Tracks of music clocking in at a very respectable 50+ minutes. Of the 11 Tracks Benny Cortez & Tony Fingers co-wrote 6 of them with Eric Tice and Mike Stover also getting in on the co-writing action on one of the 6, Track 4, the title Track. In addition to the Cover of Ronnie Earl/Darrell Nulish song, "I'll Be Alright" contains great Covers from Brother Red/James Achor "Mean Woman Blues", Koko Taylor/Denise La Salle "Find A Fool", Little Milton/George Henry Jackson "Take Time Out To Hear me Some Blues", and Smokin Joe Kubek/Denise La Salle "One More Song". "One More Song" is actually 1 of 2 Live Tracks on "I'll Be Alright", the other being the closing Track "You Got Yours I Got Mine". Those 2 Tracks gave us a great opportunity to hear what they sound like Live, and I must say, it's pretty darn good.
As mentioned earlier "I'll Be Alright" runs the gamut of Blues, Rock, R&B, Soul and Funk. For the Blues fan, Track 5 "Mean Woman Blues" and Track 7 "Big Woman Blues", are standout tunes, the first one being faster paced then the second, but both showing off Benny Cortez's amazing Vocal delivery and Tony Fingers doing sizzling Guitar work.
The title Track, "I'll Be Alright", shows off their R&B prowess as they sing "Don't Worry I'm Gonna Be Alright", and with the way they deliver this number, they certainly are going to be alright.
Track 3, "Let Your Love Go", does a mighty fine job of Rockin' out, as does Benny Cortez on Harmonica. Tony Fingers takes on the Bass on this Track as he does on 2 other Tracks, "Take Time Out To Hear me Some Blues" and "Find A Fool". One of the Special Guests, Danny Ayala gets in on the action on Backup Vocals.
The Live Track, "One More Song", has Jumpin Jack Benny getting down with their Funky side and is a great lead up to the Swingin Blues feel of the closer "You Got Yours I Got Mine". Everyone gets in on the action on this barn burner of a finale.
For me, "I'll Be Alright" was one heck of a good listen, courtesy of one heck of a good band. These guys sure know how to deliver the Blues and it very close cousins.
Special thanks goes out to Frank Roszak of Frank Roszak Radio Promotions, who has introduced me to an amazing amount of talent over the last year, of which Jumpin Jack Benny is no exception.
Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)
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