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Johnny Childs "Groove"
"A life story that needs to be seen to be believed", is what one reviewer of Johnny Childs latest release, has said about this, not only exceptional, but also very unique talent. That part of the review was in reference to a documentary movie that Johnny Childs produced called "The Junkman's Son", which was originally titled, "Blues Before Sunrise". This movie shows the amazing never give up, despite what life throws at you attitude, that Johnny Childs has molded around his love of the blues and his willingness to take the blues beyond it's conventional borders, with the end product of his most recent journey being his great new Album, which he simply named "Groove".
Produced by Grammy Award Winner Bruce Bromberg, "Groove" consists of 14 new tracks amounting to an amazing 65+ minutes of Johnny Childs at his very best. Joining Johnny on this Album are Cliff Schmitt (Bass), Michael Bram (Drums), and Dave Keyes (Piano/Organ).
Johnny Childs certainly has his own guitar style, which may seem eccentric and experimental to some, but it cannot be denied that it certainly is unique and refreshing to listen to, and it is certainly one that carves through many blues styles, leaving them raw and exposed while at the same time giving us a little something different and new, to ponder on and be thankful for.
From straight ahead Chicago Style Blues, to Boogie, and all styles in between and beyond, Johnny Childs approaches his craft like he's driving a fast car and when it is caught behind slow traffic, he simply punches the gas and leaves all the so called wannabes in the dust. The only real difference is that Johnny is not travelling down a traditional highway, he is travelling down a Blues Highway and he is not about to keep in his own lane all the time.
Johnny Childs has been playing the Blues for quite awhile now, but don't make the mistake of thinking of him as anything other than the new kid on the block, that has shown up with a shiny new guitar and the talent to play it in a way that leaves many veterans of the Blues scratching their heads in bewilderment of this exceptional talent. "Groove", shows off that talent for all of us to witness and in doing so we cannot help but be drawn into a new landscape of the blues painted by a true one of a kind Artist.
"Groove" is quite simply yet another ground breaking chapter in the life of Johnny Childs, one in which he could of easily gotten his name, more than once, in the dictionary under the heading of Perseverance, and it is that drive which continues to allow him to stand up to the best out there and more than hold his own.
From the opening Guitar Driven Track, "Black Bag Blues", to the equally good closing Guitar Driven Track, "See The Light", this Album will certainly get you in the "Groove".
Highly Recommended and Thoroughly Enjoyed...
Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)
Additional Info
1. Black Bag Blues
2. Walk The Floor
3. Don't Quit The Man
4. Junkman's Son
5. Back In The Middle
6. leaving In The Morning
7. Find my Baby
8. Thumb's Boogie
9. I'm A Ram
10. Don't Leave me
11. Roll Away The Stone
12. Fairwell My Love
13. Chromatic Boogie
14. See The Light
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