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Jim Armstrong "Junction Rd."

After listening to the magnificent new release Junction Rd. I am now more convinced than ever that Canada does indeed have an answer to Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and all others that fall into those styles, and he comes in the form of Jim Armstrong. That is all the more amazing when you consider the fact that "Junction Rd." is only Jim Armstrong's second release, yet it is still comparable to some of the best Rock, Roots, Americana, and Alt-Country you will find on todays Musical Landscape.

Health wise, life has not been to overly kind to Jim, in fact you could say that his life has been an constant and hard struggle. Having suffered and survived encephalitis at a young age, he then developed severe epilepsy which led to "Years of seizures, medications, even brain surgery" and just when you think that enough is enough, a forklift accident leaves his fretting hand permanently damaged.  That lead him to rethink what instruments he could now play and adapt as necessary. All that did not however even come close to breaking his spirit, which is still as strong as ever and one which continues to shine through loud and clear on "Junction Rd."

"Junction Rd." consists of 14 tracks, all originals and all written by Jim Armstrong, but the writing is not all that Jim has contributed to this project, not by a long shot, you see he also arranged, sang, played, recorded, and produced this Album, which is an absolute testament to the Talent this amazing Canadian Artist possesses. Joining Jim on "Junction Rd." are his exceptionally talented band "collectively known as the Sonic Deli Band" an consist of, Alvin Lapp (Drummer), Jeff Beauchamp (Bass), Kenji Miura aka Kenmi Chank (Lead Guitar), and Val Oddo (Lead/Rhythm Guitar). Special Guest on this Album included Phil Manning (Hammond B3/Keys).

The first 3 Tracks of  "Junction Rd." will no doubt yank you off your seat and pull you up to the dance floor, from there on the spell that is Jim Armstrong's Music will have already captivated you and any chance of retreat, will not only be futile, but it will also be unwanted. As you travel on through "Junction Rd.", you will steadily gain a profound appreciation, not only for the immense musical talent displayed on this Album, but also for the immense lyrical talent which Jim Armstrong possesses. You will be taken through lifes highest highs and lowest lows, with the over riding theme being ones ability to adapt an triumph in the end.

"Junction Rd." is certainly one of the finest Albums any artist could of hoped to achieve, in fact it can easily be displayed as a cornerstone for inspiring young Artists to take note of when life seems to be a bit of a struggle. It is also an Album I am sure that Jim and all others involved are very proud of and for very good reason.

For those that love music in the genre's of Rock, Roots, Americana, and Alt-Country, "Junction Rd." is the Album for you and considering how good this one is, you would certainly be hard pressed to find a better one, for some time to come.

I highly recommend "Junction Rd.", as it is an Album that I have when will continue to thoroughly enjoy. 5*****

Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

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1. Dollars In His Wallet 3:29
2. One Day At A Time 3:16
3. David And Jenny 3:22
4. Darlin' 3:57
5. The Devil's Song 3:39
6. Foolish Crime 3:53
7. Joanne 3:20
8. Worn Out Shoes 3:33
9. Lost Again 2:56
10. Walk Alone 3:30
11. Sanctify 3:43
12. Breakers Point 3:38
13. When I Kiss You 3:19
14. Whiskey Song 3:25

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