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JT Ross
(Albatross Records)

Reviews & Info

William Ferris--2003 Year of the Blues Advisor writes...
"LOADED delivers the full, rich, pulsing sound of Chicago blues. Its confident, hard hitting mix of harmonica, vocals and guitar reaffirms the power of the blues and its many voices. With haunting vocal lines like" People die for the color of their skin". Ross reminds of the roots of his music. His powerful harmonica style evokes the sound of LITTLE WALTER and carries us into an exciting new frontier for the blues."

“JT Ross doesn’t beat around the bush… Loaded is convincing stuff ”. Jeff Calvin--Blues Revue magazine 

“His chromatic harmonica work is especially impressive on his [original instrumentals] 'Doggin' It' and 'Top Hat'. Recommended to fans of high quality harmonica blues." Mark E Gallo -- Big City Blues magazine 

JT Ross, Chicago born but now a Los Angeleno with his own slant on the blues. Chicago? Perhaps, but also jazzy and swingy with a touch of 50’s rock influence. Thirteen tracks highlighting vocals with diatonic [ten hole harmonica] and a couple of instrumentals with excellent chromatic [4 octave 14 hole harmonica] work , Doggin’ It and Top Hat . Easy to listen to. If you like blues, you will go for this album. 
Harmonica Happenings Winter 2004 – A quarterly publication of the Society for the Preservation and the Advancement of the Harmonica SPAH 

“There are so many Harmonica/Guitar CDs that it takes a spark of individuality to make one stand out. Example: this 13-cut set from JT Ross.” 
Tim Schuller -- LIVING BLUES magazine 

"Ross has excellent tone, thick and full of grease." John R. Taylor -- Blues On Stage 


Blues On Stage >>> REVIEW 

"Singing a soulful program of Blues and Boogie, JT ROSS brings a contemporary message to the roadhouse, dance hall, nightclub, and auditorium stage.” JIM SANTELLA -- Southland Blues magazine 

"J.T. Ross is a transplanted Chicagoan that now resides in California. The harpman sharpened his skills on the West and South sides of Chi-Town. Self-taught player, Ross likes his low register ranges. He likes his diatonic and the big harps: A mean harpist, J.T. will impress you too." Mark A. Cole 

"J. T. Ross LOADED, the title almost says it all. It should read J.T. Ross, LOADED with talent. " Don Brown Sr. Caught Live 

"This first solo effort is special as it brings together a top flight group of Blues musicians comprised of former members of the William Clarke band...JT Ross is prepared to be the keeper of the flame" Regina Klein-- Southland Blues magazine 

"JT Ross' Loaded is a solid blues record that showcases a harp player with the potential to reach peaks scaled by Kim Wilson, Carey Bell, or James Cotton. " Eric Steiner cosmik Reviews 

" It is JT ROSS who whales on the harp." Big City Blues magazine 

"Strength comes from ace bandsman [JT Ross's] harmonica" Living Blues magazine 

"A pleasant surprise comes our way from Southern California in the form of J.T. Ross ... the upbeat instrumental "Doggin’ It'"; this tune, more than any other, shows that he's ready to take his place with the other Southern California harp stars. Loaded is a very satisfying blues album. Keep a close watch on Ross in the future." Bill Mitchell-- blues bytes

Here's the [review] for this trimester. Here comes our friend Jimmy Morello again wearing his producer cap and accompanied by a gang of "killer musicians". They came to offer us (if you take your money out of [your] pocket gentlemen) the first CD [by] a new guy on the scene, a harp player-singer from Chicago, who's now living in Los Angeles. This guy 's been swinging to Blues [since] he was born. When he was two, his father stuck a harmonica in his mouth instead of a pacifier. Then he carried him from club to club [on] the South Side, where he listened to Junior Wells and James Cotton, two guys who definitively made a lasting impression on him. But he's also been influenced, technically as in style, by little Walter. But this guy also knows how to sing. He owns a cool, vibrating and very expressive voice. His chromatic harp playing is condensed and warm, and he knows how to compose touching lyrics which stick to society issues. Just listen to "What is going on" and you'll get what I'm saying. Well. to get to the point , JT Ross is the man ! ! ! Yes indeed! And if you add J.T.'s killer band Rick Reed (upright bass) and Paul Fasulo (drums), the ivory charmer, Steve F'Dor (piano) and the extraordinary, John Marx (guitar), you'll get a shoe destroying CD, with an intense rhythm crossed between Chicago blues, boogie blues, jump and west coast, try to imagine the crazy mix. A beautiful CD, well built and if the "young" JT keeps on going on this way I'll bet he's got a great future ahead of him. We have to give special mention once again to John Marx, who is omnipresent on the album, and who goes from one incendiary-stunning-and-colorful solo to another, and who plays exploratory riffs, this is the Marx of the great days ! ! ! Erick Maitnaj -- Blues & Co Magazine France


1 I've Got To Know
2 What Is Goin' On
3 If I Get Lucky
4 Ain't That Lovin' Ya Baby?
5 Doggin' It
6 Too Much Crime In The City
7 I Need Some Money
8 I Need To Go Home
9 Pawnshop Bound
10 Young Fashioned Ways
11 It Ain't Right
12 Can't Get No Rest
13 Top Hat 

About JT Ross

JT Ross was born on September 12th 1974 in downtown Chicago. The son of a German born artist and a Chicago born stage actress. As a child in Chicago, JT's family didn't have much. Lucky for JT, a family friend gave him a $2.00 harmonica when he was just a baby and little JT took to it like a fish to water. JT's father was thoroughly immersed in the Chicago Blues scene of the seventies - giving him the chance to make friends and jam with the likes of Howlin Wolf and Hound Dog Taylor and Brit Rockers Rod Stewart and Ron Wood. This, is how the young lad received his pre-eminent Blues experience. 

JT Ross has been playing Harmonica since he was just two years old and is entirely self taught. As a boy JT's Father would accompany him on guitar and had the 4 year old Ross sitting in with legendary Chicago blues acts. It was in the famed Checkerboard Lounge on the South Side of Chicago where JT learned many of his tricks -- first hand -- at the feet of such legends as Buddy Scott, James Cotton and Junior Wells. Since then Ross has done numerous acclaimed recordings, played shows all over the world and worked with countless Blues Legends. As one journalist put it ..."It sounds as if JT was born with the Harmonica in his mouth".

Aside From JT's blues accomplishments he has also done many Rock, Jazz, Folk & Country recordings - working with such luminary producers as Glen Ballard.

JT's got a style all his own -- part Chicago and part West Coast . His friend and mentor [the late] William Clarke (LA's leading Blues Harmonica strongman) encouraged JT to find his own sound. Careful not to copy-cat his Chicago mentors or Clarke -- JT's fresh and unique sound has listeners wondering how he gets the harmonica tones he does. His live performances pay tribute to the greats and are dazzling displays of amazing Harmonica wizardry which leave audiences stunned.

JT Ross now lives in Venice California. He plays Hohner Marine Band and Hohner Super Chromonica Chromatic Harmonicas exclusively. JT's Singing and Harmonica Microphones are made by SHURE and his Harmonica microphones are modified by Tom Austin he uses Fender and Victoria Amplifiers. JT's Custom Harmonica Microphone cables are made by Tom Austin. JT has a four octave singing range and plays: Drums & Percussion, Sax, Guitar, Jaw Harp, Piano and more.

JT Ross - Give Me Back My Wig