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Gypsy Piano Blues
"Seeing Blue"

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Gypsy Piano Blues has released of a new album, “Seeing Blue,” whose title track will be the vanguard single from the CD. 

Gypsy Piano Blues is a solo performer – and also collaborative. The core of the act is Denise Peachey, who frequently offers her piano and vocal music. But she often works with musician friends, resulting in a variety of instrument combinations. Sometimes its Peachey on piano and vocals while a guitar joins her. Other times, drums are added to that mix. Sometimes bass guitar or saxophone gets in on the mix. And then there are those Peachey-only moments. The fluid nature of the solo/collective Gypsy Piano Blues makes for living, dynamic music. 
There's always something new waiting to happen. “Seeing Blue” shows off the sultry, stoned and sensual blues grooves of Peachey's project. Downtempo hooks meet passionate vocals and gritty melodies in a blend that touches on subtly psychedelic. It's like a massage of music, sinking its hooks in slow and deep. Seductive and atmospheric, “Seeing Blue” unleashes the heady power of Gypsy Piano Blues. It demonstrates her faithfulness both to old school blues and to rock-infused varieties. “It's more rock-blues than traditional,” says Peachey, “yet it brings in all the other styles blues evokes.” 

Peachey began this project in 1994 in Pennsylvania and it has grown steadily since. Two prior albums have helped Gypsy Piano Blues solidify its popularity: 2004's “Cry of the Gypsy” and 2006's “Roll With Me Daddy.” Peachey has also appeared on the “Code Pearl” CD, a tribute to Janis Joplin, on which she performed “Chain of Fools” and an original track, “All Out of Lies.” The proceeds of that disc were used to assist in the Hurricane Katrina disaster. She has played the Baltimore Jazz & Blues Festival and the Federal Hill Jazz & Blues Fest and has received radio play. 

She is currently working with A&R Select, the world's leading independent artist development firm, based out of Los Angeles, CA. 

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