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Demetria Taylor "Bad Girl"

There is no doubt that the blues is in Demetria Taylor's blood, after all, her father was the legendary Chicago blues artist Eddie Taylor. Demetria has also had the good fortune of having numerous relatives, such as, mother, brothers, sisters, great uncles, whom are also very accomplished artists. Demetria Taylor is not quite 40 yet, but she is already a force to be reckoned with having "won the B.L.U.E.S. on Halsted Blues Diva Contest 2010" as well as, performing at three Chicago Blues Festivals and guesting on two of Eddie Taylor's albums. Now with her Debut release for Delmark Records, "Bad Girl", Demetria shows us all just how much blues she really has in her.
"Bad Girl" consists of 12 absolutely fabulous Tracks, that are just as equally accompanied by an amazing lineup of exceptionally talented artists, which included Special Guests Big Time Sarah (Vocals 11/12), Billy Branch (Harmonica 4/7/11/12), Eddie Shaw (Tenor Sax 3/4/5/6/8/), and Luke Pytel (Guitar 9/10), along with Eddie Taylor Jr. (Guitar), Shun Kikuta (Guitar), Roosevelt Purifoy (Piano/Organ), Greg McDaniel (Baas), and Pookie Styx (Drums). The 12 Tracks are all fabulous covers starting off with "I'm A Woman / Hoochie Coochie Woman" and finishes off with Wang Dang Doodle, which of course Koko Taylor all made famous. Koko's influence on "Bad Girl" does however not stop there as one also finds "Voodoo Woman" and "Big Boss Man" being wonderfully performed by Demetria and her stellar back up of artists.
Now one could easily say that paying homage to Eddie Taylor had already been achieved by having his children continue to play and produce the music he loved so much, but never the less, "Bad Girl" does contain two of his songs, "I Can't Take It No More" and the title track "Bad Girl". Both of these songs are finely done with "Bad Girl" being the stand out one for me especially with Billy Branch's Harmonica work, something he is credited for on 4 of the tracks on "Bad Girl".
Other songs I really liked on "Bad Girl", included "Cherry Red Wine" and another Willie Dixon song "Little Red Rooster" which was belted out by Big Time Sarah whom also belted out the last Track, "Wang Dang Doodle".
All in all, Demetria Taylor's "Bad Girl" is a very very fine Debut Release, which on the one hand shows us an artist that still has a little growing to do, but on the other hand also shows us that she is more than capable of doing that.
With the release of "Bad Girl", Demetria Taylor has certainly put herself and her amazing band on the Musical Blues Radar, and one can expect a lot more from this exceptional talent in the future.
Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)
Additional Info
1. I'm A Woman / Hoochie Coochie Woman (5:48)
2. All Your Love (7:47)
3. Voodoo Woman (5:08)
4. Bad Girl (4:10)
5. When You Leave, Don't Take Nothing (7:16)
6. Goin' Back To Mississippi (5:23)
7. Big Boss Man (4:45)
8. Cherry Red Wine (7:19)
9. I Can't Take It No More (3:58)
10. Trying To Make A Living (3:32)
11. Little Red Rooster (5:27)
12. Wang Dang Doodle (5:54)
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