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Rich DelGrosso and Jonn Del Toro Richardson "Time Slips On By"

Although it is still early in the new year (Mid January 2011), there has still been over a half a dozen really good Albums that have come across my desk for review, including 2 brilliantly unique ones, Sleepy Eyes Nelson & Craig Hughes "Graveyard Full Of Blues" and Rich DelGrosso and Jonn Del Toro Richardson "Time Slips On By".

Rich DelGrosso and Jonn Del Toro Richardson are no strangers when it comes to their style of music, as both are highly acclaimed Artists.

Rich DelGrosso's forte is his love and mastery of the Mandolin, not an instrument you would expect to be listed amongst a Blues artists Repertoire, but one that he has managed to slip into his interpretation of the Blues, to perfection. Other credits that Rich has added to his extensive resume are that of Writer, Teacher, and Performer. Those talents have not gone unnoticed as he has already managed to garner 5 Blues Music Award Nominations and a Keeping the Blues Alive Award, for his continuing education of the Mandolin, via workshops throughout the States and abroad. Rich has also been referred to as being, "the greatest living blues mandoman".

Jonn Del Toro Richardson's forte is his love and mastery of the blues guitar especially in the style of Texas Blues. Jonn learned his craft at a young age, with inspiration from his uncles, for whom he even played with in a band for awhile. His love and gratitude for "his mother’s heritage and his uncles inspiration", led him to something that not many men do, and that was to legally change his name to his mothers family name and becoming as he is now referred to, "Jonn Del Toro Richardson, The Texas Bull". As with Rich DelGrosso, accolades have also been heaped on Jonn Del Toro Richardson with Awards at both the International Blues Challenge and the Blues Music Awards, in partnership with "Diunna Greenleaf and his role in the Blue Mercy Blues Band". An additional recent collaboration with Diunna Greenleaf "as part of the backing band for Pinetop Perkin’s recording on “Last of the Delta Mississippi Blues Man” won a Grammy Award in 2008 for Best Traditional Blues Album".

Now with "Time Slips On By", these respective masters have now joined forces to bring us one of the more unique partnerships to have graced the blues scene in quite awhile.

"Time Slips On By" consists of 14 Tracks with Rich DelGrosso getting the sole credit for 7 songs and Jonn Del Toro Richardson getting  sole credit for 6 songs. They both share credit on 1 song, which is the opening track "Baby Do Wrong". "Time Slips On By" clocks in at over 63 minutes, which shows not only their talent for writing music but also their respect for their fans via giving them an album of exceptionally decent length.

Joining DelGrosso and Richardson on this Album are Carl Owens (Drums and Percussion), Ed Starkey (Bass), Joel Guzman (Accordion), The Texas Horns consisting of Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff (Tenor Sax), John Mills (Baritone Sax), and Al Gomez (Trumpet). Now you would think that would be all the talent you would possible need for a great Album and in most cases you would be right. "Time Slips On By" however is not just an average Album hence, the additional Artists by the names of Sonny Boy Terry (Harmonica) and for Background Vocals on the Track "A Gig, Is A Gig", we have none other than the amazing Fiona Boyes.

"Time Slips On By" starts off in fine Texas Blues tradition, Guitar and Mandolin just a blazing. A wonderful opening track that sets the stage for the rest of the Album to a perfect tee, especially the way that they tradeoff shining in the spotlight as Rich and Jonn brings their own special mix to the party with each others songs, which by the way are pretty well switched with each track, creating a wonderfully textured and varied Album. All and all it is just an amazing treat to see their two unique styles both separately as well as together, take center stage, and as if that isn't enough, lets not forget all the other fine players getting into the mix, as well. From Soulful Mandolin Blues, to Texas Blues, Boogie Blues and Beyond, "Time Slips On By" has it all and blends it all together as best as any group of artists can.

As the name of this Album implies, Time does indeed Slip On By, but thanks to the efforts of these 2 gifted Artists, the passing of that time certainly can be extremely enjoyable for at least 63 minutes at a time.

As mentioned earlier, "Time Slips On By" is one of those Albums I have called brilliantly unique and is certainly an early contender in  
this years race towards well deserved accolades.

I give "Time Slips On By" my highest rating of 5*****. Certainly an Album to be talked about for 2011. Highly Recommended and Thoroughly Enjoyed...

Review By John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

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1.Baby Do Wrong
2.Time Slips On By
3.Mandolin Man
5.Shotgun Blues
6.Hard To Live With
7.Where's Laura?
8.A Gig, Is A Gig
9.Summertime Is Here
10.I Wish I'd Heard
11.The Real Deal
12.She's Sweet
13.Good Rockin Johnny
14.Baby Please

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About Rich DelGrosso & Jonn Del Toro Richardson

...Rich DelGrosso’s performances at clubs and festivals and the airplay of his recordings have garnered him five Blues Music Award nominations. His most recent are for Best Instrumentalist-Other for his mandolin and, in 2009, Acoustic Album of the Year for “Live From Bluesville,” a recorded jam session at XM radio’s “B.B.King’s Bluesville,”with Blues Music Award nominees and winners Fiona Boyes and Mookie Brill.

This writer/teacher/performer, is widely regarded as the leading exponent of mandolin blues. According to author/historian Mark Hoffman, DelGrosso is "the greatest living blues mandoman, the best since Yank (Rachell)." For over twenty years DelGrosso has written articles for Blues Revue, Living Blues, Mandolin Magazine, Frets, and Sing Out! and he has published instruction books on mandolin for Hal Leonard. He has presented workshops on mandolin and guitar across the U.S. and Europe, earning him a Keeping the Blues Alive Award from the Blues Foundation in Memphis.

...Jonn Del Toro Richardson is a blues guitarist from Houston TX representing the strong defining sound of the Texas Blues. Inspired by his uncles he picked up the guitar in his early twenties and immediately started playing in the music scene around Houston. From starting his own bands to having the honor to play with many of the blues greats in Houston early in his career, like NAME ALL THE TEXAS BLUES MUSICIANS YOU HAVE PLAYED WITH HERE, Richardson discovered his passion in blues music.

One of early his bands consisted of Richardson playing with his musically talented uncles. Showing his gratitude for his mother’s heritage and his uncles inspiration he legal changed his name Jonn “Del Toro” Richardson … taking on his mother’s family name from which he proudly inherited his musical talent and giving him the name we know him as now, Jonn Del Toro Richardson, The Texas Bull

Richardson’s partnership with Diunna Greenleaf and his role in the Blue Mercy Blues Band and the support of the Blue Shoe Project in Dallas TX lead them to the International Blues Challenge in Memphis TN in 2005. In Memphis Diuna Greenleaf and Blue Mercy took the first place over 120 competing bands on Beale Street giving them recognition nationally and internationally playing amongst the greatest in the blues scene. That same competition Richardson was honored with the Albert King Award, the most promising blue guitarist of the competition. This set a new standard for his level of playing and from there he has gone on to continue playing with blues greats such as, Hubert Sulim, Pinetop Perkins, Otis Taylor, to name just a few. Richardson also consistently returns to the competition to support the upcoming musicians and presents the Albert King Award to the new winner. “NEED A QUOTE ABOUT GIVING BACK OR ABOUT IBC”

Just three short years later, Diuna Greenleaf and The Blue Mercy band was also garnered the Blues Music Award for the Best Debut Artist in 2008. Richardson and Greenleaf also shared the honor to be as part of the backing band for Pinetop Perkin’s recording on “Last of the Delta Mississippi Blues Man” that won a Grammy Award in 2008 for Best Traditional Blues Album. This album was also produced by the Blue Shoe Project in Dallas TX.

Richardson is widely known for his impeccable tone, as well as, his incomparable tasteful playing. His soft voice in conversation is a calming cover to the strong and steady singer and the explosive guitar player he is on stage. His passion for the blues radiates creating a fire of excitement during each guitar solo. He is the Bull and the Toreadors all in one. As he begins to play he lets the energy of the fans inspire him using their energy to calculate his attack. Without warning he can transition from his steady smooth sound to his explosive guitar solos elevating the crowd’s energy higher and higher with each solo always maintaining control to bring it back to the slow and steady. Giving the crowd a chance to breath before his next strike … forcing the crowd to beg for the encore!