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Chris Towzey "Same Dirt" (EP)


Five lyrical and story-based songs in a vocal style that brings to mind a mix of Boz Scaggs and Daryl Hall, with a pinch of Van Morrison. Melodies and production spring from and resonate with each song's content, exploring more than just a single mood.

Genre: Rock: Adult Alternative Pop/Rock 
Release Date: 2009


1.Don’t Need Money to Dance 3:54 
2.Same Dirt 4:42 
3.A Light on the Fear 3:59 
4.Right for Us 3:59 
5.Guitar Instead of a Gun 4:00

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About Chris Towzey

Singer-songwriter, Chris Towzey’s unique interpretation of common situations are both compelling and humorous, adding dimension to his lyric writing and soulful vocal delivery. Add to that many years of guitar playing experience, starting around age eleven, acoustic and electric playing styles, and formidable soloing ability, you start to get a picture of who he is on a musical level. 

Born in California, Chris spent several of his formative years in Europe where his father was stationed, and where he first developed an appreciation for history and the arts. After taking up orchestral instruments, guitar, and voice, while in Italy, he later entered a music degree program at the local J.C. in Sonoma County, California. Upon transferring to Sonoma State University he specialized in jazz arranging.

Chris developed an interest in recording and production during his senior year at SSU, when he, along with a friend and fellow band member at that time, built an analog-based commercial recording studio, tying it into his senior project teaching a class in recording engineering. This class was the first of its kind at SSU- a forerunner to the course later offered in the curriculum.

In 2005, determined to further his understanding of songwriting, Chris began studying with platinum songwriter/teacher, Harriet Schock. He completed his debut record, Rockin’ at the Stoplight, released in 2007, with help from producer and engineer, Travis Allen. The record was pronounced “a journey through blues, classic R&B, rock, and world styles, bound by clever and spiritually enlightened lyrics”. Music Connection magazine wrote of the title track, "...a familiar blues rocker that benefits from confident performances, a beefy arrangement, and good production."

Chris recently completed a five-track EP titled, Same Dirt, released November, ’09. Calling in Jeanie Cunningham to co-produce and Stephen Marsh for mastering, the record mixes radio-friendly song formats with progressive, thought-provoking lyrics. This EP was inspired by the title track, “Same Dirt”, and dedicated to the idea of seeking out and cultivating common ground (aka “dirt”), whether it be on a country’s border or a life/love situation. 

As a Buddhist and perpetual student of music and life, Chris Towzey offers amusing, insightful lyrics, stylized musical themes and passionate songwriting, to touch and inspire the listener.