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Charles “Big Daddy” Stallings
"Blues Evolution"

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"Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings", are the first words you will hear when you start listening to "Blues Evolution", Stallings follow-up CD to his acclaimed Debut "One Night Lover". Titled "Intro Boogie" this short intro sets you up better then any other CD for all the great stuff that is about to begin and begins it does, if there is a dance floor near by or a piece of prime foot tapping real-estate, your feet will be finding it, especially when track 2 "Let's Boogie" kicks in.

"Let Boogie" pulls out all the plugs and lets you know right away that Charles and his band are not fooling around here, straight to business. You get it all with Sax (Joe "E Flat" Thomas), Bass (Gail Parrish), Trumpet (Kevin O'Neal), Harp (Mark Wenner), Piano & Organ (Glenn Workman), Solo Guitar (Sterling Patterson), Guitar (Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings), & Drums (Ron Jenkins).

This is my first introduction to Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings and I must say I am very impressed with how he brings his witty interpretation of the blues to his audience. This is not a steadfast concept CD, it is a whole new experience for the blues aficionado. "Blues Evolution" has got it all, from full force big band blues, to talkin' Blues and walkin' Blues, Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings takes you on his own special ride and to places seldom heard by most blues fans.

"Blues Evolution" is a must listen to CD, one which will no doubt leave you with the word "Wow", bouncing around in your thoughts, followed close by with the words "More Please".

I highly recommend Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings "Blues Evolution" not just for the reason of it being an excellent Blues CD, but also for the fact that it is able to open us up to a fresh new way of hearing the Blues.

Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

author: Ronald Weinstock

B-Town (Baltimore) bluesman, Charles ‘Big Daddy’ Stallings, has just issued, "Blues Evolution" (Tai Jeria Music), a follow-up to his praised debut "One Night Lover." Stallings is a highly likable performer who brings a bit of downhome flavor to his performances. The strength of the performances are the vocals and the solid accompaniments behind him. The mix of horns and fine down home harp (mostly contributed by Nighthawk Mark Wenner, but Steve Levine is also present on a track or two) is nicely done and saxophonist EFlat, responsible for the arrangements, merits mention. Stallings is at his best on a nice Jimmy Reed groove like on "Going Down South," "Hard Times - Good Times" and the fantastical "2999." "Hobbsville #2" is a slow downhome talking blues that is a follow-up of the talking blues on the first track as he talks about growing up, family and Friday Night Fish Fries with some telling harp from Mark Wenner, although the tempo slowly accelerates during this performance tossing in a bit of Jimmy Reed’s Upside Your Head. Elsewhere there are plenty of good-time grooves and songs like "Blues Line Dance" and "Blues Cowboy" certainly will get the dance floor full. The only significant weakness are the lyrics which don’t cohere and some (like "2999") are fantastical. There are plenty of overlooked songs that do merit revival which Stallings performs during his live performances and he should consider adding some in to the mix on his next recording project. Still his band provides very danceable grooves (swing dancers will love this) and Big Daddy Stallings delivers the songs with feeling and humor that the music’s good-time sensibility wins listeners over.

Another Good One
author: William Rogers

This is another outstanding creative production by Big Daddy. My favorites are Let's Boogie and Blues Cowboy. Nothing but some good ole down home Blues

Previous Reviews Courtesy of CD Baby

I recently received in the mail the latest cd by Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings--"Blues Evolution." (2007, Tai Jeria Record Co) When I put the cd in the stereo and hit PLAY I was instantly swept away by the sound--this is a blues band with a big sound! "Big Daddy" and this band have been playing the Baltimore/Washington DC circuit for a while now, and they know how to bring the blues to an audience. "Big Daddy" plays guitar and sings. The keyboards are by Bill Pratt, aided on a few cuts by Glenn Workman on piano. Excellent harmonica work by Mark Wenner of the Nighthawks. Gail Parrish plays bass and Ron Jenkins is on drums. The horn section is Joe "E Flat" Thomas on trumpet and Kelvin O'Neal on sax, and these guys are a highlight of the disc--they really sizzle and swing. This disc seems made for a hot Friday night party. I really like the vocals--"Big Daddy" has an impressive delivery, sort of how I imagine Jimmy Reed would sound with a modern band backing him. That said, the lyrics are sometimes weak. But the energy this band brings covers that nicely. 

"Big Daddy" represented the Baltimore Blues Society at the IBC in Memphis in 2006, and they will represent the DC Blues Society at IBC this year for "Best Self Produced CD." 

All in all, a very fine effort.   (The Sunday Night Blues Project)

All of us who have been working hard at keeping the blues alive will be happy to know that it's survived to the year "2999". The very clever lyrics on this one are about some very disappointed Martians who greet a bunch of earthlings arriving on their planet - but they didn't bring any blues music with them. It seems these Martians are blues fans and were hoping to hear Jimmy Reed, B B King and others. Great song!

"CHA CHA 3000" is an outstanding instrumental. The contrast, or dare I say the clashing of instruments on this track is amazing. At times, the piano and organ playing of GLENN and BILL make you think you're listening to the soundtrack of a 1940's Oscar winning movie, then the harp of STEVE LEVINE blatantly takes over and completely changes the sound, but yet things remain constant. This all happens while the rhythm section of GAIL and RON make you feel like you're watching Ricky Ricardo at the Copa Cabana. If none of that made sense to you, you need to hear this track. 

Some of CHARLES' best vocals and guitar work can be heard on "STRANGE THINGS". This one is good ol' straight up, in your face, it don't get any better than this, Chicago Blues. 

Other tracks, which you'll no doubt enjoy but I just don't have the space to cover are: "BLUES TRAIN EXPRESS", "BLUES LINE DANCE", "BLUES COWBOY", "HOBBSVILLE # 2", "BOOTY SLAPPIN", "HAND DANCIN", "HOLA SENIORITA" and "THANK-YOU BOOGIE".

If you've yet to discover CHARLES "BIG DADDY" STALLINGS, it's time you have. This cat is a little bizarre, a little humorous, a little delirious, a little facetious, a little farcical, but when you get right down to it, CHARLES "BIG DADDY" STALLINGS is a lot entertaining.

Check him out at While you're there, tell him you heard the Blewzzman talkin' 'bout him and grab yourself a few CD's as well.

Review by Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro


1. Intro Boogie
2. Let's Boogie
3. Going Down South 
4. Blues Train Express 
5. Hard Times - Good Times 
6. Blues Line Dance 
7. 2999 
8. Blues Cowboy 
9. Hobbsville #2 
10. Cha Cha 3000 
11. Strange Things 
12. Booty Slappin' 
13. Hand Dancin' 
14. Hola Senorita 
15. Thank-You Boogie

About Charles “Big Daddy” Stallings

Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings really knows the essence of the Blues. Born in Columbia, S.C. and raised on a farm in Hobbsville, N.C. with ten brothers and sisters he lived the Blues everyday. Music became his escape and the first song he learned to play was "Big Boss Man" by Jimmy Reed. After migrating to Baltimore, MD. "Big Daddy" continued to develop as a musician performing in local R&B and Jazz bands, all the while dreaming of recording his own Blues project.

His New CD, "Blues Evolution," has received national attention, with reviews in Living Blues (#196) and DownBeat Magazines, while reaching the National Radio Charts, as reported by Living Blues (#195). Featuring the singles "Let's Boogie," "Goin' Down South," "Bluestrain," and "Blues Line Dance," the "Blues Evolution" CD reinforces the "Big Daddy Sound" -- best described as: "Good Time Blues With A Twist!!!" 

His critically acclaimed debut release, "One Night Lover", featuring the single "4x4 Woman" (which reached #1 @ XM Radio (Bluesville)) continues to generate Sales and Airplay Worldwide, recently Peaking at #1 on Midnight Special Blues Radio in Paris, France. 

"Big Daddy" has shared the stage with Hubert Sumlin, Michael Burks, Marva Wright, Mark Hummel and Candye Kane and "Mesmerized" the crowd with his Powerful Performance on the Main Stage at Artscape's 25th Anniversary. He also represented The Baltimore Blues Society at The 22nd International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN. in 2006. In 2008, he'll return to Memphis, representing The D.C. Blues Society at The 24th International Blues Challenge. 

"One Night Lover" has also received National Attention with a review in Living Blues (#178) and "Big Daddy" was given a standing ovation for his performance on the bill with Blues Pioneer "Pinetop Perkins" as a special guest of the legendary Nighthawks. His music can now be heard Globally in Belgium, Italy, Argentina and Poland.

Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings, with The Baltimore Bluez Band,
"LIVE" @ The International Blues Competition in Memphis, Tennessee, January 2006