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Candye Kane "Sister Vagabond"

On her 2011 release, Sister Vagabond, Candye Kane once again delivers her heart on a platter. Kane presents a more mature and swinging collection of scorching blues and soul originals, searing with the young Laura Chavez's impressive guitar work. Kane takes us on a journey thru love, heartbreak, rejection and personal empowerment, colored in swampy and soulful earth tones that bring a new twist to old favorites (Brenda Lee's Sweet Nothings) and explore spookier and darker territory (Walkin' Talkin' Haunted House). Laura's guitar work stands out on these performances demonstrating maturity beyond her years. Kane and Chavez are a powerhouse duo to reckon with, exhibiting feminist strength and power in bucketfuls. Move over all you mannish boys....
1. I Love To Love You 3:35
2. Love Insurance 4:06
3. Sweet Nothin's 4:04
4. Walkin', Talkin' Haunted House 4:37
5. You Never Cross My Mind 3:54
6. Everybody's Gonna Love Somebody Tonight 4:24
7. You Can't Take It Back From Here 4:01
8. Side Dish 2:47
9. You Can't Hurt Me Anymore 2:46
10. Hard Knock Gal 4:45
11. Have A Nice Day 3:51
12. Down With The Blues 3:16
13. I Deserve Love 3:26
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About Canyde Kane

Candye Kane has been called a survivor, a superhero and the toughest girl alive. (All are also titles of her self-penned songs.) They are apt descriptions of the jump blues singer, songwriter and mother of two from East Los Angeles who has earned this moniker the hard way. Nominated for five National Blues Foundation Awards (Best Contemporary Blues Female 2011) winner of ten San Diego Music Awards, starring in a sold out stage play about her life and beating down pancreatic cancer in the last two years, Kane is one tough cookie. She has performed worldwide for presidents and movie stars but her path to success was not always glamorous or easy.

Raised in a dysfunctional, blue-collar family, Candye became a teenage mother, a pin up cover girl and a punk rock, hillbilly and blues-belting anarchist by the time she was just 21 years old. Ten cds, six record labels, millions of international road miles and countless awards later, Miss Kane has proven to be a true survivor as she scrambled her way to the top of the roots music heap, creating a world renowned reputation that has spanned two decades.

A colorful mixture of the traditional and the eclectic, Kane cut her musical teeth in the early 80’s onstage with Hollywood musicians and friends, Social Distortion, Dwight Yoakum, Dave Alvin, The Blasters, X, Fear and Los Lobos, to name just a few. While raising two sons, this role model for the disenfranchised, championed large sized women, fought for the equal rights of sex workers and the GLBT community and inspired music lovers everywhere. Her fans are a mixture of true outsiders: bikers, blues fans, punk rockers, drag queens, fat girls, queers, burlesque dancers, porn fans, sex workers, rockabilly and swing dancers, grey haired hippies, sex positive feminists and everyday folk of all ages, flock to see Candye and hear her musical messages of love, hope and empowerment.

Her full time, 250 days a year touring schedule started in 1992 and today, Kanes’ live shows are the stuff of legend. She honors the bold blues women of the past with both feet firmly planted in the present. She belts - growls - shouts - croons and moans from a lifetime of suffering and overcoming obstacles. She uses music as therapy and often writes and chooses material with positive affirmations that leave the audience feeling healed and exhilarated. A show that is part humor, revival meeting and sexuality celebration, she'll deliver a barrelhouse-tongue-in-cheek blues tune or a gospel ballad like Jesus and Mohammed, encouraging audiences to leave behind religious intolerance. She’ll slay the crowd with her balls out rendition of Whole Lotta Love or glorify the virtues of zaftig women with 200 pounds of fun. She often says she is a "fat black drag queen trapped in a white woman's body" and she dresses the part. Bedecked in bright colored feathers, sequins and rhinestones, Kane's performance is Mississippi by way of Las Vegas with a quick stopover in San Francisco.

Kane’s eleventh CD release, Sister Vagabond will hit the streets on August 16, 2011 for the Delta Groove Label. Produced by Candye and her amazing guitarist Laura Chavez, Sister Vagabond promises to be as exciting as their last collaboration, Superhero, nominated for Best Contemporary Blues CD of the year. Audiences love seeing two curvy gals onstage together and Candye and Laura deliver the goods. With scorching, yet understated guitar work and empowering, healing and sometimes funny lyrics, Kane and Chavez are the feminist fireballs of the future.

Candye has been included in countless Blues and Jazz Anthologies including the Rolling Stone and Musichounds Guide to Jazz and Blues and Dan Akroyds’ 30 Essential Women of the Blues. In addition to her music successes, she is an activist and philanthropist. In August 2009, she appeared in Dublin, Ireland for the World Congress for Downs Syndrome with her United by Music charity. This project provides performance opportunities, blues history lessons and songwriting instruction to young people with disabilities, encouraging them to write their own blues songs to help them overcome their daily challenges.

A fighter par excellence, Candye’s authenticity, determination and optimism keep her shows passionate, honest and irresistible. One evening with Candye will keep the crowds happy, hopeful and coming back for more!