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Blues Gone South
"Gotta Keep Movin'"
(Hound Dog Records)

Reviews and Info

By reissuing their debut CD with three additional tunes, Blues Gone South has extended its reach, broadened its scope, and made a great product even better. A local band that includes lead singer and harp maestro Papa J., pianist & organist Tommy Sebastian, guitarist Pat Hurley, bassist R ob Seckendorf and drummer Kofi Baker, the unit remains tied strongly to genuine Deep South blues and historical roots. Yet, they’re upbeat, fresh, and filled with contagion. Communication comes naturally to Papa J, whose rich baritone voice and jaunty harmonica offer convincing tales about life and the way things go around.

Formed in ’96, the band lays plenty of experience on the line as they interpret this program of 10 driving blues tunes with authenticity. “Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right” lopes nice and slow with, Papa J’s harmonica introducing a tale of confused love where the pieces don’t fit. Here, the guitar delivers a hot escapade that contrasts with P.J.’s harp and vocal so that they’re able to represent the two fictional lovers from the lyric. “What’s Blue All Over” carries a dramatic message that represents the “bad luck” and “hard times” focus that follows the blues everywhere it goes, while “No Time for Foolin’ Around” builds with guitar, organ, walking bass and pace-setter drumming into a conversation that Papa J. molds comfortably with down-home charm. - Jim Santella - Southland Blues Magazine

This is a serious fistful of the blues by an expert team of players. Blues Gone South is the authentic article, fronted by a spunky fellow called Papa J (Jeff Hudson), who has a gravely banter that’s a little like Peter Wolf of J. Geils. His singing goes from smooth to salty and back again, spiced with the occasional salty "whoo!" 

The outfit opens up by gettin’ “High on the Hog,” which uses a choppy, trebly blues progression that’s accented by a short, sweet organ solo by Tommy Sebastian, and a bit of soulful harmonica from Papa J. There’s tight drumming in there from Kofi Baker, and his expertise comes naturally, since he’s the son of legendary Cream drummer Ginger Baker. Guitarist Pat Hurley does justice to a classic such as “Jelly Roll,” strumming and plucking with equal ease, and when he lights into a lead, he walks up and down the neck as though he’s strolling the banks of the Mississippi. 

Yes, Blues Gone South is most at home, obviously, with the rich, down-home traditions of the blues, as heard in the rolling-river tones of “Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right,” or the boogie-woogie vibe of “I Ain’t Drunk.” Yet they can also diverge from a standard blues pattern most satisfactorily in a song such as “Extremes,” which takes a lively, jazz-flavored direction. And there’s surely good-hearted humor through it all, as found in the last song on the CD is “Little Head,” which gives a bluesy turn to an old bawdy joke, wink-wink. 

Well, it’s a fact that when you’ve got the blues, you’ve “Gotta Keep Movin’,” and Blues Gone South is a darned good band to help you on your way. - Rob Swick - All Access Magazine

About Blues Gone South

Blues Gone South (BGS) is an established blues band which has been playing to rave reviews in clubs from the south bay to numerous blues shows in Orange County. The band plays a smokin’ hot mix of original blues songs from their debut CD called Gotta Keep Movin (available at record outlets on the HoundDog label) as well as a selection of classic blues numbers in the wailing, Southside of Chicago style. The five piece band is a consistent crowd favorite in dance or concert settings, and is comprised of some of the top, blues musicians in Orange County.

It's A Party ! - Blues Gone South

June 13, 2009 Silverado Summer Concert Series