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Big Shanty "Collection"

Big Shanty has wasted no time making a name for himself as one of the hardest core Blues artists going. His music has been labeled as "Death Metal Blues" and "Heavy Metal Punk", and is about as unique and refreshing of a Blues style you are likely to hear and those that have heard it, simply love it, especially Real Blues Magazine, whom named his 2007 album "Ride With The Wind" the #1 Blues Album Of The Year. With a musical delivery compared to Jimi Hendrix, Rob Zombie, and even Neil Young, Big Shanty has learned long ago to play his music his way and has always remembered that no prisoners are allowed on this ride.

"Collection" is Big Shanty's amazing new offering, consisting of 2 Discs for a total of 19 of his best originals, of which their are a few that have never been released before.

Disc one consists of 9 tracks, 5 of which are great live tracks done at the House of Jam and are the last 5 tracks on that disc. Those tracks are a nice well rounded mix, which tend to highlight a more toned down version of Big Shanty, showing his immense diversity as a vocalist and guitarist, and lets not forget Showman, with clapping heard throughout his music.

The first 3 tracks are Big Shanty at his incendiary blues guitar playing best and I must say a perfect introduction to Big Shanty's creative and unique style. Track 4 finds us listening to a slower yet no less meaningful Big Shanty, with the song "Got A Hold On Me", one that I found to be hauntingly exquisite in nature, with a great vocal performance by Shanty mixed in with the wonderful Solo Guitar work courtesy of Eddie Jeff. All in all, a very strong disc and one that certainly wets ones appetite for the second half  of this two disc collection.

Disc 2 consists of 10 tracks and starts off with the opening track "Killing Fields", a track that will show you in no uncertain terms why some of Big Shanty's music has been compared to Jimi Hendrix, and in the case of this track, erringly so. "Killing Fields" is an Anti-War song and one best described via Real Blues Magazine, "Killing Fields” is a powerful condemnation of old lies and self-serving propaganda, delivered with raw emotion and a driving beat. A more powerful anti-War tune does not exist!".

I found Disc 2 to display a rawer and edgier side of Big Shanty, and somewhat more on the Rock than the Blues side, but certainly none the less meaningful and entertaining to listen to. It could be said that Disc 2 completes the total package that is Big Shanty, an unpretentious artist certainly for our time and many times to comes. Big Shanty shows us that his music comes from his heart, with songs that touch us with their depth and feeling, and a guitar that sounds as good as many of the greats, past and present, could make it sound..

All the tracks on "Collection" were either written solely or co-written by Dick Wooley, an amazing character, with a amazing story behind him, one that I urge you all to read about here .

Big Shanty "Collection" was an amazing introduction, for me, to an artist I had not heard of before, but one that I now totally understand why he has such a large cult following. Big Shanty's music falls into the category of being truly rare, truly unique, and truly wonderful.

5***** for sure for this treasure....

Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

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Disc 1

1. Whisky Woman 3:52
2. Stop Pushing Me 4:43
3. They Say It's Raining 4:35
4. Got A Hold On Me 4:18
5. Queen of Hearts Has Disappeared 5:45
6. Right Combination 3:05
7. World of Trouble 5:19
8. Smoke and Mirrors 8:49
9. 100 Pound Hammer 3:01

Disc 2

10. Killing Fields 5:04
11. Uncle Sam Go To Rehab 4:49
12. New Messiah 3:52
13. Born Up in Trouble 3:13
14. Living On the Edge of Time 4:54
15. Gone Downtown 4:12
16. Kiss the Eight Ball 4:09
17. Love Train 4:18
18. Walking Shoes 5:12
19. Ride With the Wind 3:27

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Renegade blues-rocker Big Shanty’s sonic rain of acid guitars and synth beats blasted across the Internet, Satellite and College radio in ’07 with his anti-war song "Killing Fields" and went number-one for five-weeks on "Blues Critic" singles chart. Big Shanty’s CD “Ride With The Wind” stayed top-ten in their album chart for five-months, his single was nominated as "Best Blues Song and Shanty was nominated as "Best New Artist". Topping the list of amazing kudos for the year, "Real Blues Magazine" selected the Big Shanty album as the "1 Blues Album of 2007". Big Shanty mixes Retro with Techno, Delta Blues and Club Beats to energize his taken-from-life stories, on “Ride With The Wind” Big Shanty delivered a brilliant collection of songs and media reviewers compared him to the White Stripes, Lonnie Brooks, Jimi Hendrix, Root Boy Slim and Neil Young.