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Big Dog Mercer "Big Dog Mercer"
"Big Dog Mercer has come a long way—literally and figuratively—to make an impact on the blues scene south and west of Chicago.  He’s at his best when he writes and sings honestly about his personal experiences.The trick to being original is to digest all of one’s influences and create something new.  Big Dog Mercer shows he’s capable of that. So long as Big Dog continues working hard at his playing and songwriting, there’s no telling how good he’ll get."
Ted Slowik 
"His music unmistakably exposes his Chicago blues, rock, jazz and gospel influences both in his gritty soulful vocals and the notes he wrings from his left handed custom Java guitar. The new album runs the scale from up-tempo shuffles as on “Big Dog Blues” to the excellent gospel tinged “Thank You Jesus” and the southern rock styling of “Helpless”.
Dave Rodriguez  Chicago
"If you like blues and rock 'n' roll — then the Big Dog is for you. It is hard not to have fun at a Big-Dog Mercer show. He has the natural ability to engage the crowd and his performances are always lively and entertaining."
Dulcinea Hawksworth. The Shorewood Patch
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