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Andres Roots "Roundabout"

One of my favorite songs is a song by the group "Yes" called "Roundabout". "Roundabout" is also the name of a new album by one of my very favorite blues artists over the last 5 years, namely Andres Roots.

Andres Roots hails out of Estonia and may be best known for his superb collaboration with Alar Kriisa, as Bullfrog Brown, a two member band that often had great guest artists join them on their releases. The band, Bullfrog Brown, was chosen Best European Release for Bullfrog Brown "Mother River Delta" in my 2008 Year End Review, and number 1 Top 25 Albums 2009 Bullfrog Brown "Moon and Central", as well as, Best European Blues Album Bullfrog Brown "Moon and Central" and Best Original Cover Art Bullfrog Brown "Moon and Central", in my 2009 Year End Review. Now with his first release since that brilliant duo disbanded, Andres Roots give us a wonderful new Album that shows us all that even without his trusted vocalist Alar, he is still able create the best blues sound going.

"Roundabout" consists of 12 Tracks, all originals written by Andres Roots and although he does not sing on this Album, his expertise as a musician and lyricists could not come shining thru any clearer.

"Roundabout" also features what can only be described as the Who's Who of the UK and European Blues scene, when it comes to immensely popular Blues artists. Consisting of Eric Gebhardt, Bottleneck John, Dave Arcani, and Black River Bluesman, Andres Roots could not have gathered a better group of creative and crafty artists to accompany him by way of their brilliant vocals.

Those whom are familiar with Bullfrog Brown, will be happy that "Roundabout" still contains a lot of style and texture that made that incarnation of Andres Roots so popular. The songs on "Roundabout" are not long, all clocking in at under 4 minutes and a few at under 2 minutes, but the content of each song far out weigh their need to be long drawn out affairs. Make no mistake, a finer set of blues done simple, raw, and to the point, you would be hard pressed to find and that in itself is the magic that Andres Roots continues to create and the fact that he does it thousands of miles away from the source of the Blues is even that more amazing.

I have to admit that I was a little worried when Andres told me last year that Bullfrog Brown's last project would indeed probably be their last project, but "Roundabout" has certainly put all those worries aside and has shown me that at least part of what was my Favorite Blues Band still lives on, better than ever.

"Roundabout" is by far the finest old style raw blues Album released this year. It is a must listen to piece of work that shows us all what  an ongoing commitment to ones dreams can accomplish.

5***** for sure for this one, that's a gimme. Highly Recommended and Thoroughly Enjoyed, as always when Andres Roots is involved.

Good job my friend, for what seemed like way to long of a wait...

Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)


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