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Amy Hart "Congratulations"

Following Review Courtesy Of Dana Wright -

Amy Hart hails from the Chicago area and got her start playing festival stages. Since then, she has been rocking everywhere from the Gulf Coast to Nashville. Landing a hit in the movie soundtrack for Girls Just Want To Have Fun, she has also worked with Tim Tobias and John Ryan (Styx, Doobie Bros.). Congratulations is her 2011 release.

“Congratulations” is the title track for this album and it is a worthy piece. Funky and full of energy, the picking of the guitar carries you right into a strong percussion element. An electric guitar wails and keeps pace with the drums and Hart’s bluesy vocals. This song has to be my favorite on the album. It has all the elements of a great rock and blues song. The bittersweet flavor of the vocals and the twang of a little country showing through now and again make this a song that goes beyond just one genre.

“Rich Ass Daddy” is a fun frolic filled with bold longings of the heart. Smokin guitar playing blazes across the stage with this one. The percussion and the guitar do a musical dance around each other, each vying for attention. Stoking the fire are Hart’s vocals, wishing for a “big fat rich ass daddy.” This song will make you laugh out loud and you won’t be able to stop yourself from dancing around the living room. The guitar is what makes it hot and you can see in your mind a young woman scoping out some rich Texas billionaire to be her next sugar daddy. This song gave me a chuckle, but I loved the composition and the creative energy that spun out of it like a force of nature.

“”Be That Way” leads in with strong guitar playing that will make you pause and listen. The vocals Hart projects are elegant and more country than some of the pieces on this album. The lyrics are slow and thought provoking and have an almost melancholy quality to them. This piece has great harmony and is very compelling. Musically, it is well defined and the subtle balance between the softer multi-instrumentation is well done.

Amy Hart’s newest album Congratulations is a great example of a musician that can go from rock to blues to country without even trying. Hart’s vocals can be steamy and full of fun like in “Rich Ass Daddy” or turn your heart inside out with songs like “Be That Way.” Any way she spins it, Hart has the talent that will continue to take her places. If you like music that crosses musical genres and has a heart give this album a try.

About Amy Hart

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Amy Hart got her start playing Blues on festival stages. In the eighties as a youngster she won a few radio contests and ended up outselling the Rolling Stones "Emotional Rescue" with her cut "Sad Love Song" at number one for two weeks on WLUP FM98 from the station sponsored Chicago Rocks Volume One compilation.

In 1985 she moved to L.A. and drifted more toward R&B, writing and recording with Tim Tobias under John Ryan's (Styxx, Doobie Bros.) production. She scored a spot on the teen hit soundtrack to the movie, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" with "Too Cruel" released on Mercury Records.

Moved to Nashville in the nineties and released her first cd, "Every Beat of My Heart" on her label , Painted Rock Records in 2000. Toured the SE both as a band and as a solo acoustic artist. Moved to FL in 2001 and played the Gulf Coast circuit for ten years until the Horizon Oil Spill cut her gig schedule in half. Moved back to Nashville and recorded "Congratulations" newly released again on Painted Rock Records in November 2011.


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