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Alastair Greene Band "Walking In Circles"

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The Alastair Greene Band is the next Big Blues Power Trio, Bar None... Steeped in the Blues of the Past, Alastair Greene gives us his vision of the Blues in The Future... FANS OF ALL THE BLUES GREATS FROM MUDDY WATERS TO ALBERT COLLINS AND BEYOND, WILL LOVE THIS ONE... 

When the first two words you hear on an album are "Ahhhh Yeah", you kind of expect that you are in for a great ride, and that is exactly what the Alastair Greene Band does with their newest release, "Walking In Circles".

I give this CD, my highest rating, Five ***** Excellent CD...  Thoroughly enjoyed it...  Highly Recommended... 

John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

1. Walking in Circles 3:45
2. Look Out Baby 2:34
3. Drunk Again 2:56
4. Get Out of My Life, Woman 5:37
5. Don't Lose Your Cool 4:21
6. Say What You Want 3:02
7. Pocket Full of Change 4:22
8. Cut You Loose 5:00
9. Back Alley Strut 4:14
10. Merry-Go-Round 5:34
11. Give Me Back My Wig 4:03