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35 Years Of Stony Plain
Every five years, for the last twenty, Stony Plain Records has released an amazing compilation of music. Now with 35 Years Of Stony Plain, we once again are treated to another treasure chest of great music from Canada's Premier Roots, Rock, Country, and Blues Label.
35 Years Of Stony Plain, consists of two CD's and a Bonus DVD. 30 Years Of Stony Plain, marked the first time they included a Bonus DVD with their compilation and with 35 Years Of Stony Plain, they continue that tradition. Combined, the two CD's contain 41 Tracks, representing no less then 40 Artists/Bands, and are divided into two groups, with CD one being dedicated to Singers, Songwriters and much, much more..., and CD two being dedicated to Blues, R&B, Swing, Jazz, and even more...
CD one contains three previously unreleased songs by the late Bob Carpenter from his "first and only solo album, Silent Passage". The album "was produced by Brian Ahern and recorded between 1971 and 1974. With background vocals supplied by Anne Murray and Emmylou Harris, this is a little-known masterpiece. Apparently 25,000 copies were pressed but never left the warehouse due to legal problems, and didn't get much attention until 1984 when Holger Petersen obtained rights to release the album on Stony Plain."
CD two contains 5 previously unreleased songs, which include a song by King Biscuit Boy and four songs from Robert Nighthawk, which were part of a 1965 Toronto Session.
The Bonus DVD contains 10 videos, consisting of "interviews, rare video's, and a tribute to the late Jeff Healey". This DVD starts off with a great look inside the world of Holger Petersen titled "A Tour Of The Stony Plain Offices". In addition to the magnificent tribute to Jeff Healey, this Bonus DVD contains video's of Jay Mcshann & Johnnie Johnson, Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters, Duke Robillard, Corb Lund, Ian Tyson, Downchild, Long John Baldry, Jr. Gone Wild, and The Paperboys and is equally representative of all four of Stony Plains' cornerstones, Roots, Rock, Country, and Blues.
In addition to the CD's and Bonus DVD, 35 Years Of Stony Plain, also comes with a very well put together and extremely informative booklet, which contains a wonderfully written segment on Stony Plain Records and Holger Petersen, by Richard Flohil, a Toronto based writer, editor, publicist, and concert promoter. Richard Flohil has been associated with Stony Plain for 30 years. Each CD and the Bonus DVD get their own section in this booklet, with each and every track getting it's own informative write-up. Really good stuff and really appreciated from a fans point of view.
As with all great Compilations, there really is a lot here for everyone, regardless of your musical taste. From the likes of Sonny Rhodes, Jeff Healey, Maria Muldaur, Ian Tyson, Long John Baldry, Big Dave McLean, Tim Hus, Valdy & Gary Fjellgaard, to name just a very few, 35 Years Of Stony Plain is a true representation of not only great Canadian Music, but great music from beyond our borders, as well.
35 Years Of Stony Plain is, as with there other such releases, a must have addition to any fan of music that truly wants another treasure added to their collection.
As far as such compilations are concerned, 35 Years Of Stony Plain is, Hands Down, a 5***** Production. Highly Recommended and Thoroughly Enjoyed. Congratulations Holger, for once again bringing the best forward for all of us to enjoy.
Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)
Additional Info
Disc 1
 1.Maria Muldaur - The Diplomat (3:38)
 2.Jeff Healey - The Wildcat (2:24)
 3.Harry Manx & Kevin Breit - Looking For A Brand New World (4:17)
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 4.Corb Lund - Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier (5:10)
 5.Steve Earle - Ben McCulloch (4:10)
 6.Ian Tyson - Blaino's Song (4:44)
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 7.Tim Hus - Country Music Lament (3:59)
 8.Valdy & Gary Fjellgaard - Still In The Running (3:08)
 9.Ray Bonneville - Canary Yellow Car (3:18)
 10.Asleep At The Wheel - That's Your Red Wagon (3:00)
 11.Sunny And Her Joy Boys - Strictly From Dixie (2:53)
 12.Amos Garrett - Get Way Back (2:31)
 13.David Wilcox - Bend A Little (3:05)
 14.New Guitar Summit - Shivers (3:33)
 15.Spirit Of The West - Our Station (3:34)
 16.Emmylou Harris - Wheels (3:10)
 17.Blue Rodeo - Four Strong Winds (3:42)
 18.Rodney Crowell - Closer To Heaven (5:20)
 19.Bob Carpenter - Dreaming (2:43)
 20.Bob Carpenter - Magdelana (3:11)
 21.Bob Carpenter - Chameleon Man (2:59)
Disc 2
 1.Duke Robillard - Stomp The Blues Tonight (3:22)
 2.Joe Louis Walker - Black Widow Spider (4:48)
 3.Jay McShann & Duke Robillard - Moten Swing (4:20)
 4.Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne - Heaven Send Me An Angel (4:57)
 5.Doug James & Sugar Ray Norcia - Dirty, Dirty People (4:17)
 6.Jeff Healey - I'm Torn Down (5:21)
 7.Rosco Gordon - No More Doggin' (3:06)
 8.Amos Garrett, Doug Sahm, Gene Taylor Band - Teardrops On Your Letter (4:02)
 9.Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - Miracle (5:57)
 10.Rory Block - Mississippi Man (4:50)
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 11.Big Dave McLean - Police And High Sheriff (1:15)
 12.Long John Baldry - Gallows Poll (2:42)
 13.Sonny Rhodes - Honey Do Woman (3:25)
 14.Ellen McIlwaine - Crawling King Snake (2:04)
 15.Billy Boy Arnold - Hello Stranger (2:50)
 16.King Biscuit Boy - Ain't Broke And Ain't Hungry (2:46)
 17.Robert Nighthawk - Nighthawk Boogie (2:58)
 18.Robert Nighthawk - I'm Gonna Murder My Baby (3:20)
 19.Robert Nighthawk - You Missed A Good Man (2:58)
 20.Robert Nighthawk - Back Water Blues (3:05)
Disc 3
 1.A Tour Of The Stony Plain Offices (9:36) On DVD disc
 2.Jeff Healey - Like A Hurricane (6:38) On DVD disc
 3.Jay Mcshann & Johnnie Johnson - Going To Kansas City (5:38) On DVD disc
 4.Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - Bobby’s Bop (6:01) On DVD disc
 5.Duke Robillard - Workin’ Hard For My Uncle (4:05) On DVD disc
 6.Corb Lund - The Truth Comes Out (3:41) On DVD disc
 7.Ian Tyson - Springtime In Alberta (3:48) On DVD disc
 8.Downchild - Bop ‘Til I Drop (3:15) On DVD disc
 9.Long John Baldry - Shake That Thing (2:40) On DVD disc
 10.Jr. Gone Wild - I’m So Glad (2:59) On DVD disc
 11.The Paperboys - After The First Time (3:49) On DVD disc
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